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Need help to reposition Vanoogle search plugin.

edited January 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8

It's nice that the plug-in is basically a copy and paste ID, but for me I am not happy with the search just popping up in the middle of my other content.

It would be wise to maybe use Pockets and copy the code directly into a place that will afford the space and location.

I propose a possible change to the existing plugin that will allow the Vanoogle plugin to work with Pockets and the user will have only those spaces to choose from.

I hope the creator can accept that his plugin is lacking all the required features to make it work properly in the majority of sites.

I also see it has not been reviewed by the developers of Vanilla. At this point I find this plugin a waste of time for now.

As I stated before just choose a Pocket and upload the search code into that location.

**** I just opened my Pocket Plugin app to insert the HTML but did not see any place to insert my HTML info, can someone please advise me how to utilize the Pockets once you identify the locations of each.



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    @Todd can you re-review my plugin. It must have gone un-reviewed when I updated it for the last release.

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    I went to google to possibly reduce the size of the search element but did not find any adjustments.

    I could use some info how to utilize Pockets to drop my html in each location.

    Thanks all!

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    At this point I find this plugin a waste of time for now.

    I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you didn't read your post before submitting it, and that normally you would not both ask for help and insult someone you are asking for help... at least not in the same post.

    I'm afraid your understanding of my plugin is a bit lacking. That is understandable, there's not a ton of documentation. For those who don't want to crack open the php code and look at it, I provide help here on the forum when people post about my plugins. I don't have a ton of time to write up documentation for my plugins, but then again, no one is paying me to write them.

    Since you mentioned the search results covering other content, I'll point out that you can style the results hover however you wish with css. With a bit of javascript you can move the element anywhere you like.

    The results element has the id of "VanoogleResults" and you can make it thinner, fatter, cling to the right of the page, or the left. It's up to you, just add the appropriate css to your site.

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    If you're having trouble with Pockets, perhaps you should make a thread about that plugin.

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    Anyway, I found a link to your site in another thread. It appears there was a bug in the plugin for forums that are installed in a sub-directory. I've uploaded a new version that should fix it.

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    edited January 2012

    I believe when a plugin is created, it will be for the masses. With that said, a plugin should address the major issues that a person should encounter. The whole point of developing a plug and play forum is to make it easy to deploy.

    You are adding something to a creation for simplicity and not for the 2% or less of all users that are programmers who can code to utilize this platform. As a user in this case I would hope the Vanilla developers only approve and make available plugins that are complete solutions to the new features they offer.

    Why make something that is only partially complete. Not everyone wants to go into the core and make changes. You being a skilled designer/programmer should make a name for yourself by being a person who wants to help people rather than make their life more complicated.

    I myself am not a programmer but I do dabble in the code. I have more talent elsewhere and want to focus on that.

    I hope you can become the programmer you really desire to be. When you set out to develop a project the first thing you need to do is to develop a goals list. In the case of Vanilla Forum anything a programmer develops for the community should be user friendly unless it's exclusively developed for developers only such as specialized tools.

    Let's try to be more user friendly and less complicated.

    You mentioned many things about the Docs and you doing this for the group. As I stated I hope you can rethink your position and become a solver of problems rather than putting out a product that does not come close to being usable by everyone.

    Don't take this in a negative way, I only share this here because it seems that there is a certain stereotype when it comes to programmers. I think you should just be more human and less machine.


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    I really don't even know what to say. Your comments are beyond insulting.

    Enjoy your plugin fix.

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    edited January 2012

    Only insulting if you are negative thinking. You seem easily annoyed.

    The whole purpose of a forum is to share thoughts, ideas, solutions and other ueseful information. In my entire experience online since the 80's I've encountered those who seem to want to do things their way and not take advice in a good way.

    I do appreciate you are not argumentative but you still commented in a rather negative way and did not even give my words the respect they deserve.

    Maybe we come from different schools of thought, but tell me... Why do you bother at all if you do all this for nothing. If you really know yourself then what pleasure is it to you to develop and do things for mankind when you are not happy with your results?

    When someone gives you the time and lets you know their true feelings you should just appreciate their time and digest what was said. But in a few seconds you respond and feel insulted? I guess that's part of your maturity and not from a good spirit.

    I hope whatever you want to do in life you find a pleasure in it all. Don't be insulted so easily, most companies pay big money for that kind of info.

    You just got it for free.

    Just relax and take it all in and find what things are good, helpful and productive. Be happy in life, appreciate the ones who tell you frankly what they see and feel after they know you.

    I'll never kiss anyone's backside... don't expect that from anyone. If there is issues just accept you didn't think things out enough. Accept your faults and make changes just like you do in your code.

    We should all have a personal life & attitude change log to review this way we remember who we were before.

    Hope you can appreciate this and again no insult implied.

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    ddumontddumont ✭✭
    edited January 2012

    Maybe we come from different schools of thought

    I don't think you could be more correct. I wouldn't ever be as presumptuous and insulting as you've been in this thread when asking for help with something for which I did not, and will not, pay.

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    Dan, from my first post I in no way insulted you.

    If you feel that way I apologize, but understand try to understand someones post before going baby online. You're way too sensitive.

    Even God made mistakes when he created mankind. That's why he got angry and wanted to destroy his creation.

    If you read my post, I did say that it was good that this plugin was copy a code and paste it into the box.

    How was I to know you did not complete your plugin? I searched the posts and docs before asking my question.

    Just as God was too sensitive you too were. My post was to inform and to find a solution to your plugin's short comings.

    Everything is relevant in life. You just choose what you want and leave the rest.

    I even went to your Google code page before I posted, gees what more could have I done to know what you just told me?

    Again I hope you can forgive me for insulting your genius... or whatever it is that I insulted. Maybe you should ask for Beta testers who are not coders... then you will get something more constructive.

    Think out of the box... don't get insulted. Do things right the first time if possible.

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    LincLinc Detroit Admin

    @ddumont We removed the 'Approved' logo on it only because we've changed that stamp to indicate our willingness to deploy a plugin on rather than being a simple code review for now.

    @Opportunity I've gathered you're rude by nature. Please keep it to yourself from now on.

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    @Lincoln got ya, makes sense.

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    Please close this thread, I have no desire whatsoever to continue this conversation with him.

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