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Can the add-on search and filter also include a selection for approved add-ons?

edited January 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8

It would be a time saver for all concerned to have a button/selector for the filter and just display those add-ons which have been tested and approved.


  • hbfhbf wiki guy? MVP
    edited January 2012

    i wouldn't fret over "unnapproved" plugins. I use a ton of them on my site and it's stable and great. The guys (and gals) that write and post content here are knowledgeable and upright ethical people.

    You can get a sense for the "quality" of a plugin by looking at the discussions related to the plugin. If you see a lot of issues, then steer clear, but a plugin that's been downloaded dozens (or hundreds) of times and has good feedback is as good a gold.

  • my issue is to have a way to view only approved add-ons instead of browsing 15 pages.

    Hope you can see what I mean. Hope it can be done soon for all...

    This request has no intention to qualify any add-on, developer or user. It is merely a request for a well needed filter.


  • hbfhbf wiki guy? MVP

    You've obviously missed my point. But after reading your comments on the vanoogle thread I can understand why.

    If you are looking for a software solution for which you get 100% supported solutions you should consider paying for the software you want to have. Open source software is developed and supported by a community of people trying to add their little piece. Moochers/Leechers add nothing to that environment and only add frustration to the lives of the good people trying to help others.

    Vanilla is a great, highly customizable platform. But it's not for someone who is unwilling to get their hands dirty every once in a while. If you want to use vanilla while getting only "code reviewed, approved" content then I recommend purchasing a paid hosting option, then you can focus your talents on the things you are so great at, rather than hosting forum software.

  • edited January 2012

    Learn how to read and understand what I post. I do my research and have a right to ask the questions. Your first post was way off my point.

    Before you comment read somebody's post and understand what I ask. If you don't understand English or the meanings of my words then politely ask questions directly to me.

    I don't need forum nazis' adding their 2 cents when the 2 cents they offer is play money.

    As per my other post, you obviously don't live in the real world. Open Source yes is an open environment, but when you develop a product for mass use it must be user friendly. (example Wordpress). You need some behavior modification if you think your remarks are not polite and off topic.

    If you don't like my posts don't read them. I asked polite and carefully researched questions. If you want to help people why not work on the documents and other projects that Vanilla could use a hand on.

    Any plug-in that is developed for Vanilla should meet a certain criteria. There should be 2 groupings, your beta & developers side and the final stable releases.

    The stable releases should be fully tested and supported by all appropriate readme.pdf and other documents and made to be a plug and play solution.

    There should also be a users guide for once it is properly installed and needs to be configured for use.

    You have a limited business mind and lack people skills if you think like that other poser. You don't need to suggest or otherwise tell me what I should do. I never injected hate into your posts or comments, don't start on mine.

    You are totally out of line and thus I acted appropriately. Manners and etiquette you are lacking and I'm sure its reflected in your personal life.

    Place a real photo of yourself and change how you address other users and maybe you'll be considered a man.

    Not a burger. Now what is that???? Is that how you want people to see you? You must have some real issues...

    Just keep your issues to yourself... This is a users forum not your personal hang-out. This question was directed to the Principals not to users, you need not add on unless its positive. Why screw with people and get them upset when you have no right to interfere?

    Again I respectfully request you keep your negative comments to yourself. You seem to share the same virus as the other poser. Go outside and enjoy the real world...

    It may do you good.

    Just mind your own business and we'll be ok.... keep away from my threads you have no value to me anyway. I'm here for a reason and it's not to hear your issues.

  • @Opportunity wordpress has taken years, to get where it is.

    It used to be a much more basic product, and nowadays they have a lot of sponsorship money. Their team is larger.

    grep is your friend.

  • @x00

    I understand and I see that for Vanilla one day. The owners need to protect what they create and address it's flaws as it improves.

    This is a great business model and the owners can build it steadily over time.

    I just feel the plug-ins should be certified... tested and verified prior to public submission. The programmer community is just a small portion...

    The big picture is integration and usability. I want good things for those who work for it. Please advise all the users what their negativity can do to the goodwill of the product

    Hope you can clean the forum of the people who create a negative enviromenmt here.

    Thanks again bro. Kudos

  • Yes but what does certification mean?

    If you have a huge userbase, you can play the numbers game, that is a great way of testing software.

    Here is not quite the same. People complain when a approved add-on don't work for their version. My suggestion was to only approve per version.

    Approval doesn't rule out other conflict, and some unforeseen setup specific stuff.

    grep is your friend.

  • The pluggable model is actually counter so some programming purists views.

    Especially when it comes to overriding, or overloading things. It has just become the norm. it is difficult to guard against conflicts, especially between plugins.

    When wordpress came out it was much less common.

    grep is your friend.

  • edited January 2012


    all good things to ponder, but he who is first to market with the solution is the winner... This is why most providers work on complete suite of plugins

    I hope you can find cross technical assistance and try to duplicate Wordpress in the sense of what they achieved.

    Maybe Vanilla can be a takeover bid one day???? Who knows?

  • Wordpress support is like stranded islands though.

    It isn't actually very interconnected. But what it does do is defuse tensions, directed at the core team, and focus more on individuals lending a hand. How the number of unanswered question is far higher on

    grep is your friend.

  • Yes, the plug-in providers provide their own support. Even the free plug-ins get a better than average support because the hope is to convert the user to the premium model...

    This model is called the puppy dog, take it home and see what the family thinks... but of course there is many things a dog needs, no solution is free in any sense.

    Vanilla should try to court the same companies who profit from Wordpress... I see a great marriage with some of them.

    Thanks for the info...

  • That is called fremuim, and many plugin makes are not interested in freemium due to the type of licence being gratis not libre. Fremuim plugins on wordpress aren't universally liked, usually there is an open source version that works just as well.

    I develop under sponsored development, and release open source. It is entirely up to the plugin maker to do what they like. Although repositories each have their own rules.

    The vast majority of plugin on wordpress are just GPL or similar. Some will provide support, other will not.

    grep is your friend.

  • I like the idea of the CMS model... again I hope that the developer who spent his time and money to do this gave allot of thought to the future. Its a great idea and from how Vanilla looks and feels it has a great potential.

    Yesterday I looked at OCPortal, but even if the give so much in their platform they miss the boat on design and functionality. I do hope they see how they can improve for the better.

    @x00 do you work on the core of Vanilla? I ask because I see you here allot. I appreciate your approach to this and how you handle other users.

    I only wish others will imitate you. A Portal format page will be a good extra option for the future... Very few forum sites can say they have the potential to grow into a bigger all in one platform

  • x00x00 MVP
    edited January 2012

    No I'm not. I'm an interested party who has liked the product since V1. I also develop under "sponsored development", for anyone who want to sponsor me to develop new addons/features.

    grep is your friend.

  • LincLinc Detroit Admin
    edited January 2012

    Place a real photo of yourself and change how you address other users and maybe you'll be considered a man.

    Not a burger. Now what is that???? Is that how you want people to see you? You must have some real issues...

    I don't care how aggrieved you feel, this was an inappropriate way of handling it. @hbf was needlessly terse, but you made it personal. If you think someone has been a jerk, that is not license to berate them. I'm more impressed that he did not respond in kind.

    At present, we're simply using the "Approved" mark as an indicator of what plugins we've reviewed and allowed on our hosted platform (not its original intention). The directory is called the "AddonsApp" and it too is open source and on GitHub under our account if anyone wants to add that filter.

  • @Opportunity I am shocked and dismayed at your comments above, I feel I have had no choice but to click the abuse link, it's really a not done thing to insult someone personally, mutual respect allows acceptance of agreement to disagree.

    I can see and understand your anger at the tone of the reply to you but there was motivation behind the reply, which were the blatantly out of order comments, towards someone who has taken the time to make my life and that of others easier for free and none of the comments pointed toward you were in the least bit personal.

    "Then maybe you'll be a man" please !

    The entire motivation for me in coding is to get things my way, I take these guys work and tweak it to my liking and the less convoluted there code is the better.

    If you read a bit more into Vanilla then you will find it a programmers playground, one in which a lot of people are pouring out hours of sweat and toil for free for us to make our lives easier, so you have a couple of issues with Vanoogle, well you would have a bigger issue if it was not there in the first place.

    Maybe Vanilla doesn't want to replicate wordpress, maybe they want this to be a programmers playground, maybe they charge paying customers to run there forums for them so that, that person or entity has it exactly the way they want it !

    There is no need for you to come on here and tell others what they should or should not be doing and making unsolicited references to people being 'Nazis'. The term is disgraceful and I am upset by it greatly, these people have invested there time to make others lives easier, and for reference the term 'Nazi' is a reference to a racist party and to label someone with it is prejudicial and judemental and I am pretty sure they didn't sit down to knock out code and share it so that someone could judge them.

    I misunderstand nothing and have read all your comments and it has to be said that you really need to re-think your output towards others.

    If you had created a website that had took you a year and of which you were extremely proud, and i came along and said it doesn't have a google search feature or have embedded video and the layout simply doesnt work and that it should be more user friendly "Because you would make more money" then I am pretty sure you would flame me with a response similar to that which others have had from you.

    It is not strange or unknown for someone to get upset with something someone has said and they have a real right to comment to that affect, and with anger in the comment as long as it doesnt get childish and personal !

    You yourself have made these comments having had people make those comments towards you and yet you find it unacceptable for them to put there comment even though you yourself see fit in insult them personally.

    Come on now get into Vanilla and get into the spirit of the thing, Garden is an amazing playground, I have started writing my first application and after a slow start am starting to fly and really enjoy myself, and you know what, when I am done I will put it in for review and if it doesnt get approved well thats fine, because I know that kind people will thank me for the time and effort I will have put into it, and use it, and that will give me a big, big grin, because I will be massively proud of my accomplishment and when you trash it I am just going to laugh and say there 'He' is and 'He's' at it again because you do not understand or accept the principles into which you are dabbling.

    Heck if your that good at 'Making Money' then buy the guys out, grow it your way, take over wordpress and then who knows where you can take it, I for one look forward to seeing.

    Peace, Love and Harmony.

    P.S. I won't be commenting on any feedback from you as it will detract from my programming time (once the kids get to sleep).

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