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Please upgrade to 2.3 here. The 2.2 and earlier branches are no longer being updated.

Any chance of adding screen shots

This discussion is related to the Latest Post List addon.
peregrineperegrine MVP
edited June 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.3

alway nice to see what the plugin does.

got this error. 
Table 'vanilla.GDN_discussion' doesn't exist
select d.InsertUserID as `InsertUserID`, d.DiscussionID as `DiscussionID`, d.Name as `PostName`, d.DateLastComment as `DateLastComment`, d.LastCommentUserID as `LastCommentUserID`, u.UserID as `CommenterID`, u.Name as `CommenterName`, p.UserID as `PosterID`, p.Name as `PosterName` from GDN_discussion d left join GDN_user u on u.UserID = d.LastCommentUserID left join GDN_user p on p.UserID = d.InsertUserID order by d.DateLastComment desc limit 5

if I remove the plugin I get no error. I don't have a production forum, so0 its not critical for me.

I may not provide the completed solution you might desire, but I do try to provide honest suggestions to help you solve your issue.


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