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Can not set default localisation

I am opening this topic as I was unable to solve my problem by reading previous entries about it.
As I need a German localisation for a small IT trainee class I tried to set up the most recent German localization pack. While enabling it went smoothly, the dropdown box for changing the default localisation pack remains empty.

Installation: Most recent Vanilla 2 Forums application on rented PHP 5.2.1 server

Attempted Solutions: Re-Installation of forum software + localization pack;
CHMOD permissions changed to 666/777 where required according to documentation;
Manual adaption of '$Locales = array_unique($Locales/*, SORT_STRING*/);' in class.localemodel.php

Help ressources used: Vanilla documentation,

Thank you for your help in advance!



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    Installation: Most recent Vanilla 2 Forums application on rented PHP 5.2.1 server

    you may need the latest PHP version,It should be version 5.2.9 or newer.


  • Thank you for your reply. As it is a rented server I have no influence on the PHP version used and need a software-side (as in forum) workaround for displaying the default locales.

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    Traurig, Maybe you could talk to your host and tell them their php is outdated .

    Did you check your config.php?see if you don't have this but for your locale? :
    $Configuration['Garden']['Locale']= 'en-CA';

    if you don't have this add it to your config.php see if it helps

  • I added the variable and replaced the config file on server, unfortunately without effect. Would changing "en-CA" to "de-DE" help which is the shortcut of the new localisation?

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    Yes ! it certainly should en-Ca is english (Canada lol) so change to your locale de-DE (deutsch)

  • Still no change I'm afraid. Attaching my config file, if you could please check for possible mistakes...

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    Your attachment did not show, Try erasing the old locale map ini


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    @RobertW said:
    Thank you for your reply. As it is a rented server I have no influence on the PHP version used and need a software-side (as in forum) workaround for displaying the default locales.

    Change your server.

  • Apparently the file type is disallowed, not seeing any errors though. Tried erasing the locale map.ini, no effect.

  • you can post the code using < pre > code goes here < / pre >

  • <?php if (!defined('APPLICATION')) exit();
    // Conversations
    $Configuration['Conversations']['Version'] = '';
    // Database
    $Configuration['Database']['Name'] = '';
    $Configuration['Database']['Host'] = 'localhost';
    $Configuration['Database']['User'] = '';
    $Configuration['Database']['Password'] = '';
    // EnabledApplications
    $Configuration['EnabledApplications']['Conversations'] = 'conversations';
    $Configuration['EnabledApplications']['Vanilla'] = 'vanilla';
    // EnabledLocales
    $Configuration['EnabledLocales']['german'] = 'de-DE';
    // EnabledPlugins
    $Configuration['EnabledPlugins']['GettingStarted'] = 'GettingStarted';
    $Configuration['EnabledPlugins']['HtmLawed'] = 'HtmLawed';
    // Garden
    $Configuration['Garden']['Title'] = 'IT 29 des BFW Vallendar';
    $Configuration['Garden']['Cookie']['Salt'] = 'R4VD4XM1DC';
    $Configuration['Garden']['Cookie']['Domain'] = '';
    $Configuration['Garden']['Registration']['ConfirmEmail'] = TRUE;
    $Configuration['Garden']['Email']['SupportName'] = 'IT 29 des BFW Vallendar';
    $Configuration['Garden']['Version'] = '';
    $Configuration['Garden']['RewriteUrls'] = TRUE;
    $Configuration['Garden']['CanProcessImages'] = TRUE;
    $Configuration['Garden']['Installed'] = TRUE;
    $Configuration['Garden']['InstallationID'] = 'EB91-B03D3B27-79B367C8';
    $Configuration['Garden']['InstallationSecret'] = '099e4eea39b3134f8d15f820ca927802c955af57';
    $Configuration['Garden']['EditContentTimeout'] = '-1';
    $Configuration['Garden']['Locale']= 'de-DE';
    // Plugins
    $Configuration['Plugins']['GettingStarted']['Dashboard'] = '1';
    // Routes
    $Configuration['Routes']['DefaultController'] = 'discussions';
    // Vanilla
    $Configuration['Vanilla']['Version'] = '';
    $Configuration['Vanilla']['Discussions']['PerPage'] = '30';
    $Configuration['Vanilla']['Comments']['AutoRefresh'] = '5';
    $Configuration['Vanilla']['Comments']['PerPage'] = '50';
    $Configuration['Vanilla']['Archive']['Date'] = '';
    $Configuration['Vanilla']['Archive']['Exclude'] = FALSE;
    // Last edited 2013-01-26 12:31:44</pre>
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    Maybe it's nothing but could you try using capital letter ?

    $Configuration['EnabledLocales']['German'] = 'de-DE';

  • Tried and changed, no effect once more. Sorry, I know it's a pretty frustrating issue...

  • Well we know that the issue is likely outdated php on your server.

    I would back track and remove what you commented out and put it back to ($Locales, SORT_STRING);

    /forum/library/core/class.locale.php is what calls the active locales. It is what is supposed to render the definitions and also the settings in the dashboard.

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    I know it's probably the php issue, however I consider it pretty annoying that changing the language fails because of a strangely coded dropdown-render-menu. I will probably need to switch to another forum software then but it's hard to find alternatives with simple structures like this. Came here as I didn't want another "complex" forum with category display and far too much functionality for my needs.

    Thanks for your assistance, I greatly appreciate it. :)

  • If the other forum software requires a newer php version you may have the same issues. All forum software uses php . I have not found any other forum software that is as user friendly as Vanilla. There are many German users here. Maybe @HalfCat can be of more help than I in this matter.

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    I don't think we have a communication issue here, your suggestions were very helpful. PHP in itself is no problem and I'm running several parallel domains with different forum or cms software, this problem is the first of that kind I ever had. E.g. using the recently released Wordpress 3.5 build provides no problems at all.

  • You have the forum embedded in Wordpress ? The reason I mentioned HalfCat is because he might have more experience with that locale. Or know other German users of that locale who may have experienced the same issue.

    Also in doing research on Locales I find that there are various for Germany and it may be important t write them like this :

    German - Germany de-DE

    as you can see there is also

    German - Liechtenstein de-LI

    The first de is German in general and the second DE means Germany

    So I deduce from this:

    $Configuration['EnabledLocales']['German - Germany'] = 'de-DE';

    But the problem here is that something is not being summoned so it renders in the dashboard setting in the drop down menu. You can name a locale anything as long as the file name matches. It is just a name it should not affect it unless the names are wrong.

  • No, the forum was supposed to run as standalone, own domain, database and server directory. I downloaded the German localisation from Vanilla's localisation section, German for Germany in 'du' variation.

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    I ran out of ideas :( I downloaded the locale to see what it contains and the instructions, seems rather simple, it should work. Out of curiosity, before you installed the locale, were you able to see the en-Ca skeleton in the dashboard?

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