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Mobile/Responsive version of this theme

This discussion is related to the Dark Mist addon.

Hello, I'm using this theme with a lot of love, because it look really outstanding. Lastly, I incorporated vanilla forum as an embed forum for my wordpress blog, which was really necessary, and now I have some issues with the look and design of this forum.
Here is the working link to the real site:
The community reports show that on mobile devices and on smaller screens there are ugly artifacts, inproper scaling, etc.
My question is: HOW to disable this right sidebar to make the whole thing more 'responsive'. Another solution can be to put right sidebar on the top when page becomes narrow. I don't know how to do it, so is here some guru or geek willing to help?
I can edit custom.css directly and changing php/css files is no problem for me, as I'm the admin of the site. I've put already some effort to tune up the quality of the look. I would love to see some suggestions :) Please help! :)


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