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X-Men 3 *warning the post may contain spoilers at some point*

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Watched the movie last sunday. Got to say that I was not that impressed, sure it was an X-Men movie and the story told there was a typical comic book story but just somehow it didn't really impress me. To those who read the comics it might be bit of a disappointment, but those who just view it as a movie, you might find it enjoyable, so overall it was a mild success. I didn't hear anyone cheer for the movie when we left, telling the movie was awesome and such, but I heard alot of chatter of the few key events of the movie, and I tell you, no praise there. Will the Wolverine movie follow in the storyline or will it be a separate entity, I won't spoil the movie for you, but I'll say that the X-men movie universe is a lot different after the events of that movie. I myself am psyched about the coming Ghost Rider movie which looks awesome, and ofcourse the mightiest superhero of them all Iron Man (HAH, made you think I was going to say Superman, but Supes is a lame superhero), Spidey 3 with Venom is going to rock some ass for sure.


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    i was really disappointed with their handling of phoenix/jean grey. spoilers from here on. watching the seven-minute trailer one or two weeks ago, a friend of mine remarked that it would be interesting to see how they managed to fit the dark phoenix story in while all of the rest of this plotline is actually happening. of course, as it turns out, the rest of the plotline barely happened, and they didn't really "fit" the dark phoenix story in, they just cut pieces of it out and discarded the rest like a grade-school clipart magazine. what we got was a summer action movie that just happened to star some of your favorite characters from another medium. i would really appreciate it if the invited brian singer back and just pretended this one didn't happen. a movie that glosses over all the good stuff shouldn't have the right to throw away so many characters.
  • Did anyone else stay for the bit at the end of the credits?
  • Yeah, I think killing three central characters is a bad move regardless of "Marvel dead syndrome". I really didn't see the Dark Phoenix storyline anywhere, and I would have hoped they would have added Hellfire Club to kick things out instead of using the two party cookie cutter solution. X-Men has never been so simple as goodguys and the badguys. And the f*'up they made with Magneto regaining his powers so easily just makes me go on a Adamantium Rage, the goodies have two of the most powerful mutants dead and an excellent team leader. And the trailer (+ part of the beginning) was just a fad, they show us honey but they don't want us to eat it. I would have crapped my pants for a good WAR and sentinels coming from the wazoo. And what the hell is the bullshit with a speedster mutant that ISN'T Quicksilver? I mean it's Lord Magnus we are talking about, if he had speedster it would be Pietro, and with that I would have had a raging boner if they had tossed Wanda there too, Magnus attacks an awesome foe with the help of Juggernaut and Pyro, how about Pietro, Wanda and Havock combo here, bunch of noname losers. Besides, Juggie was a joke. I hope the coming movies offer us better entertainment, and Marvel really should get over their character shyness, we want to see a full cast of awesome characters that we can recognize. Or do they really think that Avengers would have just stood there doing not a jack (kirby) when mutants attacked alcatraz? (obviously I understand that it was an x-men movie and leave the avengers out of this, but still, my point is that more characters from the comics dammit!)
  • Juggernaut isn't a real mutant anyway. They should've mentioned that.
  • giginger - yeah, i was forewarned, so i stuck around. theories - xavier posessing another body, or xavier waking up from a nightmare? kosmo - i would prefer that more focus was placed on the individual characters than just "have tons of mutants," which is what x3 was getting close to. although i wouldn't disagree that they toss these no-name punks and stick with what we know.
  • well, they seriously altered the whole phoenix backstory, so...
  • I don't really know what to think on that ending. Too vague and too many problems with how it worked.
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    I didn't really pay attenttion to Juggie since his character was completely ignored in the movie, he was some stupid brute that was just convinient, they forgot to mention that he had no mutant powers (altho, he IS the brother I allways forget that he is his STEPbrother so forget that of Charles, so essentially he should have the same genelogical traits as Charles and should have the X-gene) his helmet was all wrong. But what can you do, when you make a movie for the masses that have never even picked up a comic book you have some sort of creative freedom I guess.

    They altered the whole origin so much that the fact that Phoenix storyline was all fucked up don't mean much, so like Jugs I let it slip by, because it would cause too much grief to start thinking how it connects to the original story.

    I don't mean tons of mutants like the film had, but atleast if there were mutants let them be some real mutants from the comics and not just some cannonfodder, believe me, Marvel has heaps and heaps of secondrate mutants to blow up as it is, they don't need gazillion new ones created just for the movie, and it would make up the inanity of the rest of the movie. Like I said, I would have forgot the wrong story if they just had Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) in there just being hot as usual.
  • I think it was very very fun to watch... I wasn't a comic reader, but I watched the cartoon religiously, so I saw some major deviations from that, at least. However, I think as a movie it was fuckin' awesome...
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    I liked it. Though having said that I haven't read any of the comics so I'm purely basing this on it's relation to the previous movies.
  • As I said, propably a very good action movie, but when considered the original franchise, it's a clear understatement, x-men is deeper than your average cookiecutter action movie.

    But I'm happy that so many were satisfied with the movie. It makes me happy, since it IS Marvel who is making the movies.

    I hope alot of you go see the new Ghost Rider and Spidey 3.
  • I always forget that brother connection with Juggernaut. I don't know why. As soon as it's mentioned I always go DUH! and reprimand myself for not remembering.
  • Every single time I saw Juggernaut on screen, I couldn't help but think of this.
  • Especially when he uttered the line too.
  • I'm anxious to see it ... on DVD. I grew up with my nose buried in dang near every X-book there was, and no matter what stories they came out with, NONE was as good as the Dark Pheonix Saga. That deserves an entire movie trio in itself. Not sure how they could ever pull off that much story background successfully in a movie though.
  • One thing I really don't understand is if the boy wonder mutant whose power was negatiating the effect of the mutant-x gene, how in the name of the fuck he was able to negatiate Juggernauts power that was based on magic? And speaking of magic, I would have loved if Phoenix killed Wolvie then started to go nuts, destroying everything in her path and then in the end, Stephen Strange would come and just lock him in some tiny space in some plane of existence in some backwater universe. And Iron Man would have had to have a chance to beat the living crap out of every noname mutant henchman and after the vicious beating we see Iron Man in the sunset without his helmet in a stupid "I'm so much more richer/handsome/powerful than you" whiskey smurk that Stark does with a natural talent :D I really would love and kill for a huge Marvel brawl trilogy, where they just took everything, EVERYTHING, and put it in a trilogy of movies, like the ongoing Civil War storyline. But since I'm already on it, tell me what Marvel or DC hero/team you would like to have a movie made out of? Stay in the big M and DC worlds so that most of the people know what you are talking about.
  • the mutant cure doesn't work it's only temporary... thats why Magento starts to regain his powers at the end and so will rogue. Mistq (sp) will join the xmen in the 4th xmen movie. she's going to be mad at Magento cause he left her. And if you stayed to the end you see that the professor is still alive. remember earlier in the movie he talked about putting you mind in a different body... well thats what he did. and i believe jean grey did the same since she's a level 5
  • There is no X-Men 4 :D
  • yet....

    They've said they won't but I wouldn't be surprised if it's announced.
  • I don't see it happening till somewhere around 2010 - 2012 since Marvel Studios is packed with movies. And even if they do, I bet it has very little to do with this trilogy and starts a new storyline with few gaps tied in with a game or something.
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