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No one is safe, neither html5

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After DMCA and SOPA, another chapter from this never ending story (but isn't fiction) http://www.defectivebydesign.org/no-drm-in-html5

W3C draft link https://dvcs.w3.org/hg/html-media/raw-file/tip/encrypted-media/encrypted-media.html

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  • vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP
    edited April 2013

    I know, I belong to NARAS and they have heavy lobbying to get this and anything that can control how and by whom the products are used.

    Remember the beginning of cd technology ? The tech was hugely criticized by the content creators because it produced perfect copies of the original since it was digital. Making piracy obtain quality and further blurring the lines between original product and pirated clones. But was widely accepted as the vinyl and tape substitute.

    They wanted all cd players to have an antitheft control. If the machine detected that an output was connected to a VHS recorder it would not work. Only professional audio equipment was/is exempt .

    Today computers are set up so that you can only switch to play movies from another region country area 5 times. Then it is locked in. You can't go back and watch movies from your original region.

    This is a backhanded way to control what you watch and from where.

    The prices for the products have not changed even though it is much cheaper to make cd and dvd now more than ever. Pennies on the dollar. If the price of the product had gone down accordingly to the cost of making it, then cd and dvd would sell for 5 dollars each max. A price that everyone can pay. But it is not that way. It can cost up to 30 dollars for a cd. They allowed this to go on and now they want to go even further , I don't agree with this. It is a form of spying and controlling content in a nefarious way. This will be another reason for someone to make a counter code that disables their code etc etc.

    You can't apply the war on drugs technique to the war on freedom of information. Seems that is where it is going...

    I really wish they understood that by injecting this into html5 they are creating yet another niche for hackers.

    DRM is nothing new. This won't stop piracy. Only free access can stop piracy.


  • This won't stop piracy. Only free access can stop piracy.

    YESSSSS. I couldnt agree more!!!!

    When spotify launched, I spoke to one of the developers... I said in awe... you know your business model solves music piracy.... It seems the perfect business model at least to keep the old dinosaurs in the music industry happy....

    Now, if I look at TV shows... They are getting closer, but those damn international licensing agreements still prevent me (UK) from say watching the latest Family Guy unless I torrent it.

    Let me watch the latest Family Guy!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, stick some adverts on.... its no difference than me flying to america and watching for free on someones TV... Apart from the £500 flight cost...

    I get really frustrated with these old farts in the tv/movie industry trying to hang on to their old business models, WASTING loads of money trying to stop piracy.... ITS A JOKE and sometimes I think... you know what.... let piracy kill them off. They have been digging their own grave for years...... IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rant over. time for tea.

    Much love

  • Thing is html5 isn't a specific thing.

    W3C didn't create the initiative behind html5, they spent over a decade obsessed with xhtml, which was entirely wasted. It is not their baby, they just want to be the defacto standards organisation.

    W3C lack credibility nowadays, just some self interested hacks.

    Thing is that if something is already in a protected form, html5 is sort of irrelevant, this is simply some standard to facilitate such transfer.

    It doesn't stop someone from copying the output, and then distributing outside of this.

    grep is your friend.

  • In simple terms if something can be viewed or heard, it can be copied.

    grep is your friend.

  • hgtonighthgtonight ∞ · New Moderator

    @x00 said:
    In simple terms if something can be viewed or heard, it can be copied.

    Try telling that to RIAA and MPAA lobbyists ;).

    I am a staunch supporter of the first sale doctrine. Call me old school, but I should be able to sell whatever I buy regardless of the medium.

    That said, persons rarely buy digital streaming content, so it doesn't really apply to this situation. I think it is silly to implement DRM since it will be stripped (eventually) and the content distributed w/o the DRM to pirates. This leaves legitimate customers the only people that have to deal with this crap.

    As a person with a fairly large DVD collection, this drives me to rip my discs to my NAS. Not because it is an inferior movie, or because I can't afford it. I just want to watch my movies without being reminded that I shouldn't pirate.


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  • vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP

    I know what you mean, they are shooting themselves in the foot. Here in Mexico I can't see any shows or anything that comes out of the USA . Content not available in your country. Sucks and yes the only option is Torrent . I don't agree with stealing , but the content producers should not steal from us either. If it s on the net it should be public.
    I had a netflix a few years ago. Thought great now I can watch in Mexico, wrong not available. Now it is available but the offerings are slim to none pretty much what they have on hulu. This is not going to close pandoras box.

    Did you know that sony is going after torrent seeders ? Already a huge case. They have been trying to shut down Piratebay . Mind you this is not selling it is sharing.

    They need to come here and see the amounts of actual pirated goods for sale on the street and in the metro. They have a backpack amplifier and their cds and they sell the cds for 10 pesos, less than a dollar. This is not just annoying but it is overt piracy.


  • businessdadbusinessdad Stealth contributor MVP

    @hgtonight The image you posted reminds me of an experience I had recently. After finishing the excellent Bioshock, I wanted to play Bioshock 2. I have the original, shiny DVD, bought at a local shop. Installing it was a nightmare:

    • First install Games for Windows Live
    • Update it (250 MB on a slow DSL)
    • Install Games for Windows Marketplace (completely unnecessary from a logical point of view, but required to start anything)
    • Install the game (this adds SecuROM drivers, which, in Schroedinger tradition, may or may not interfere with the system).
    • Update the game (further updates required)
    • Run the game
    • Create a GWF Live! profile (why?!)
    • Synchronise profile
    • Download savegames from Live! profile
    • Start the game

    Note: if Live! is not available, loading saved games may not work, even if you're only trying to use single player mode.

    At the end of the day, I legally own the right to play it, but it can take half an hour to start, every time. No wonder that people go "the ripped way".

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