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£$ Work Required : Custom popup needed to match Users with their User Roles*

johnnyzenjohnnyzen New
edited April 2013 in General Banter

Hi all

Big up to all here. I'm loving vanilla :)

Please can someone assist me for paid development work if needed...

We have recently moved to vanilla Version from another forum...

In the transfer, we lost all the old user roles we had, so now all users in Vanilla now have the role "members"

We do not know who had what role from the old forum...

One idea of a solution is to get the user to update their role (and of course not to Admin or Mod) when they log in.

A popup after login seems a logical/acceptable UX experience for the user.

Something along the lines of

Welcome Back!!!

Before continuing, please update your current level from the dropdown below:

[ Basic | Learner |Advanced ]


This popup would continue to "popup" when a page in the forum in reloaded if they still had the role of "Member"

**Note: Admin, Guest, Mod roles = No Popup Needed **

Thanks for reading... I am hoping someone can help :)





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