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Spam Queue Handling / Stop Forum Spam

The first time that StopForumSpam has been triggered in our forum:


I guess it has to do with Mailinator, a popular anonymous e-mail service. I think I don't quite understand how this works:

  • Where does the question "Why do you want to join?" come from? So that user tried to register, the Stop Forum Spam plug-in got triggered by the IP address, and it asked that additional question?

  • Has the user been informed by StopForumSpam after answering that question, that his request has been Spam queued?

  • Is the IP referring to the IP of the mailserver or the IP of the user (it has no Reverse-DNS entry)?

  • Is IP Frequency referring to how many times that IP has been reported / blacklisted at

  • If it is a legit user, should I mark him as "Not Spam" or should I tell him not to use Mailinator?

  • What puzzles me is that StopForumSpam caught that user while trying to register, but although landed in the Spam Queue he is not actually registered, means not even as "Unconfirmed" or "Applicant". Is this the intended behavior?


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    aeryaery Gtricks Forum in 2.2 :) ✭✭✭

    1) The question came from your registration or sign up form.

    2) User has not been informed, but spam queued to you.

    3) IP of user

    4) Yes

    5) both

    6) yes. Once registered, he will be allowed to make comments and posts. Therefore, he is on hold.

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    @aery, thanks a lot. If it's the user's IP being blacklisted I better not mark him as "Not Spam".

    When I access our registration page, I can not see that question "Why do you want to join?". Is it inserted in a second step if the user has triggered StopForumSpam?

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    aeryaery Gtricks Forum in 2.2 :) ✭✭✭

    Yes, please dont mark him 'not spam'

    for the second part, I think so.

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    Ok, thanks again :)

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    LincLinc Detroit Admin
    edited July 2013

    It's probably a bot that's submitting the "Why do you want to join?" answer even tho it's not on the form.

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    @Lincoln, good to know! I already have set him to "Spam" and gone he is ;)

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