Users running a non-download version of Vanilla (pulled from github), on branch release/2019.016 or master from the last 2 weeks should upgrade to release/2019.017 or latest master for security reasons. Downloaded official open sources releases are not affected.

Any Mollom users?

LincLinc Director of DevelopmentDetroit Vanilla Staff

If any developers use Mollom anti-spam, I just dropped a beta Mollom plugin for Vanilla into the addons repo:

If anyone has a subscription to give it a test drive, I'd appreciate feedback. Or anyone foolish enough willing to let me borrow their public/private keys for a couple days. ;) Full disclosure/warning: I'm still waiting on test keys so it hasn't actually run in production. It isn't causing any errors, but I don't know if it's actually working right yet either. The version will increment to 1.0 once its tested properly.



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