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Swedish translation

edited March 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I've uploaded my Swedish translation, it's here: Please post comments, spotted typos, etc here. Jag bor inte i Sverige längre, så jag kan tänka mig att jag kan ha gjort fel lite här och där.


  • bork bork bork!

    (ok, sorry for that, I just had to)
  • I took Swedish for like 6 months in 8th grade. My only memory is something along the lines of "Jag talla Svenksa" which I'm going to guess means I speak Swedish?
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    Oh one more thing, not specific to the Swedish translation, but about all translations. $Context->Dictionary['OldPostDateFormatCode'] needs to be changed if you're making a translation, because the default value outputs things like "Jan 30st 2006" (with that English suffix). For my Swedish translation I changed it to 'j M Y', which gives things like "1 Jan 2006". I just thought I should point this out. Oh, and c-unit, close. "Jag talar svenska". And it does indeed mean "I speak Swedish". :)
  • I'm guessing, however, that for c-unit it's a lie.
  • Jag talar svenska! Jag talar svenska!
  • Great work bjrn! Will try this asap. @c-unit: FYI "talar" means "speak", "talla" is slang for "feel someone up/touch in non-appreciated way" (at least in some parts of Sweden!) ;-)
  • That's some pretty bad typo possibilities!
  • 3stripe3stripe ✭✭
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    I only know the swedish for wild strawberries: smultron .... erm because of the text editor. How sad is that...
  • Mmmm, smultron are great (and don't taste sour, or like strawberries). Hmm, perhaps I should try to smuggle some plants out of Sweden next time I'm there...
  • The definition "Username" should be added for the extension GuestSignIn to work. But perhaps that should be done in the extension? See:
  • Looks like I had accidentally replaced some instances of 'name' with the swedish 'namn' in the dictionary. "Username" was one of them, which read ""Usernamn". I've fixed it now.
  • Yey! Many thanks! This also solved my problem with the Attachments extension! Thanks!
  • I'm really sorry I caused so many troubles. I thought I had checked all dictionary names properly before, but apparently I hadn't. The only possible errors remaining should be in the definitions themselves (typos etc).
  • No worries, really! Anyhow, I'm thinking whether perhaps "kommentarer" would be better translated as "inlägg"? What do you think? As in "inlägg i debatten" eller "inlägg i diskussionen".
  • Hmm, that's a good point. I think I prefer "diskussion" over "debatt" though.
  • I've changed it to "inlägg" now.
  • Great stuff, bjrn! I fully agree diskussioner is better than debatter - debatt sounds a little hostile.
  • Hello everyone. A quick question: When i open the definitions.php (with Textwrangler) to change som strings that i found to sound a bit, well, strange :) – the letters Ã¥,ä and ö looks scrambled. Here is an example; $Context->Dictionary['Username'] = 'Användarnamn'; If i need to use the letter 'ä' should i write 'ä' instead in the definitions.php file?
  • I believe you should use the html equivalents (which can be found by googling usually). Why your text editor is showing them like that i have no idea.
  • Textwrangler opens it as "Western (Mac OS Roman)" , when i open it with Pico it looks like it's supposed to but for some reason i can't type in the Ã¥, ä ö letters in it. Just watch them. I give up for today and I apologize that this went a little offtopic.
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