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Spell Checker

blizeHblizeH ✭✭
edited August 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
... isn't functioning correctly, it doesn't seem to matter what you type now, it'll search for spelling corrections, idle for about 10 seconds and return saying that it didn't find any problems, huge shame because the spell checker was bloody fantastic!

Using the v1.0 pre-release btw.


  • Same for me
  • blizeHblizeH ✭✭
    Hmm, even the fontsize on the forum seems to of got smaller, argggggggh!

    /bangs head against desk

    Why's my Vanilla installation breaking so much all of a sudden? We've had no problems for 5 months or maybe even more, yet all of a sudden everything seems to be breaking.
  • when did it stop working? did you change anything just before?
  • actually i think i know what it is... google has switched their spellchecker to ssl. i'll update the extension. it needs an update to use the new googiespell anyway.
  • Why not create an extension using Aspell?
  • because not everyone has the aspell libraries on their systems :)
  • blizeHblizeH ✭✭
    Any news on this please? I loved the spell checker <3
  • edited July 2006
    Googie Spell has a fix. Replacing the contents of the current sendReq.php file with the new code should get you running again:

    <?php // Thanks to: // Marcin 'nosferathoo' Puchalski // Johan Sijbesma // James Edgington // Stephen Wald $google = ""; $lang=$_GET['lang']; $path="/tbproxy/spell?lang=$lang"; $data = file_get_contents('php://input'); $store = ""; $fp = fsockopen("ssl://".$google, 443, $errno, $errstr, 30); if ($fp) { $out = "POST $path HTTP/1.1\r\n"; $out .= "Host: $google\r\n"; $out .= "Content-Length: " . strlen($data) . "\r\n"; $out .= "Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded\r\n"; $out .= "Connection: Close\r\n\r\n"; $out .= $data; fwrite($fp, $out); while (!feof($fp)) { $store .= fgets($fp, 128); } fclose($fp); } print $store; ?>
  • bshultz - You're a lifesaver. Thanks for the fix - works like a charm!
  • Just installed this extension. Wasn't working at first, but upon replacing SendReq.php with code mentioned above, worked great. The only other problem I had was that to get the images to display (indicator.gif, ok.gif, etc) I had to go into the googiespell.js file and manually set the paths to the images. thanks for the great tool! cheers
  • edited July 2006
    In the file default.php, change the line:

    'var g = new GoogieSpell("./' . $ExtPath . 'googiespell/", "' .
    to this:

    'var g = new GoogieSpell("/' . $ExtPath . 'googiespell/", "' .
    and your image paths will work as expected.
  • Thanks a bunch for the update, awesome add on. Very clean!
  • a_ja_j
    edited July 2006
    Thanks for the input, but unfortunately it did not work. The spellcheck image doesn't show, the indicator shows a blank box for a second, then dissapears, and there is no OK button on the suggestions. I have everything installed in the extensions folder; no tweaks to file hierarchy. thanks again.
  • blizeHblizeH ✭✭
    Hmm, I've just updated my sendReq.php file but still not having any luck unfortunately, this time it's not timing out, it's just displaying as no errors found straight away :(
  • bschultz - Thanks again. Worked perfectly. ^_^
  • blizeHblizeH ✭✭
    Any ideas why mine still isn't working please guys?
  • updated this extension - sorry for the delay. try the new one blizeH.
  • Are you still having this trouble blizeH? If not, have you found a solution? I'm working with a new installation of Vanilla and I'm having the same spell checker problem blizeH was: when you try to check the spelling it always comes back immediately and says there are no errors even if I specifically put errors into the post. I've tried the php code updates posted above as well as uninstalling and reinstalling the extension. Any ideas?
  • which version of the extension are you using?
  • I pulled it down 2 days ago, but the file doesn't have a version number or a readme so I can't confirm that it is the most recent.
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