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Deleting Users

I have used many forum programs and I must say, while Vanilla has some great features it also has one major flaw that I can see.

When deleting users, one of the main reasons to do so is to remove it from the database, which also cuts down on the size of the database.

Vanilla, it seems, does not do this. Instead, it deletes it from the site, yet leaves it in the database, after re-naming it to [Deleted User] which can cause a couple issues.

  1. Still in the database, taking up space.
  2. Still in the database, conflicting when doing certain things, like converting to another program. (Test purposes)
  3. Still in the database, making it hard to prune the database, without lagging server.

Vanilla needs to start doing what other programs do. Delete the user from the database completely when the user is deleted.


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    hgtonighthgtonight ∞ · New Moderator

    Users are deleted the way they are so that you can retain their content (and not muck with the system).

    The good news is that you can prune the records yourself. :D

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    We have well over 3880 pages in phpmyadmin of [Deleted User] with NO content.
    If not fully delete users with content, then at least set it to delete them if you select remove content.
    Also, how would you prune them without phpmyadmin?
    The only plugin I have found, only lists a certain number at a time. Still way too many pages. ;)

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    peregrineperegrine MVP
    edited September 2013

    We have well over 3880 pages in phpmyadmin of [Deleted User] with NO content.

    if you truly want to just purge (remove forever ) [Deleted User] from the User table.

    make a backup or database first.

    (Also read up on sql commands).

    I used the search box and typed in [Deleted User] and I found a comment by me :) that gives you an answer to your question probably.

    the delete sql command to use is here:


    Search the forum - usually you find the answer, because it was asked before.

    and google the web for sql tutorials.

    Also, how would you prune them without phpmyadmin?

    you could write yourself a program or plugin that deletes them all (meaning delete [Deleted User] from user table.

    Time to learn....

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