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[Tutorial] How to Change the Input Format

ShadowdareShadowdare π Moderator
edited October 2013 in Tutorials

In Vanilla, you can change the input format of posts from HTML to BBCode, Markdown, or plain text.

You can change the input format in all Vanilla versions starting from 2.0+.

Step One

Open the /conf/config.php file and find a line that starts with this:


If the line doesn't exist, then add a new line of the setting from step two.

Step Two

You can set the input format to Html, BBCode, Markdown, or Text.

For example:

$Configuration['Garden']['InputFormatter'] = 'Markdown';

This is all you have to do to change the input format of posts in Vanilla.

Any new posts, such as discussions, comments, activity posts, and conversation messages will have the format applied. Previous posts will not be affected and have their format type stored in a column called Format in their tables in the database.

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