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[phpbb3] Errors when Exporting, no user table on import

This discussion is related to the Vanilla Porter addon.

When I export the database from my phpbb3 forum I get the following errors are the very top of the page.

select *,
case user_avatar_type
when 1 then concat('phpbb/', '87f298782f3fd09aae425fcdf25c9f97', '_', user_id, substr(user_photo from locate('.', user_photo)))
else null end as photo,
FROM_UNIXTIME(nullif(user_regdate, 0)) as DateFirstVisit,
FROM_UNIXTIME(nullif(user_lastvisit, 0)) as DateLastActive,
FROM_UNIXTIME(nullif(user_regdate, 0)) as DateInserted
from phpbb_users;Unknown column 'user_photo' in 'field list'

Notice: Unknown column 'user_photo' in 'field list' in /home/username/Path to export file on line 1293
create index z_idx_pmgroup on z_pmgroup (subject, userids);Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes

Notice: Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes in /home/username/Path to export file on line 1293

Note This forum Data was imported from a SMF2.0 Forum into PHPBB3 now into Vanilla Forums 2


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