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Getting the embed wordpress script to work


I have Vanilla working at localhost no problem. I have followed the instructions carefully and have "manually" installed "vanilla-forums" plugin at localhost/vanilla_forum/plugins fullpath "http://localhost/vanilla_forum/plugins/vanilla-forums" and I have now to embed the code into a wordpress page and get it to work. I am failing right here!

I have embedded the documented code below into a wordpress Page (Vanilla) based on "no parent" and the "Vanilla Forum Template":

AND the page displays as empty

This is after explicitly following all the instructions. What am I doing wrong please?



  • Sorry the code does not display
    --- ---

  • OK I tried the 3 dashes each side of the code …. what now to display the code please. I will try " "

  • That didn't work either?

  • I will try to attach a file with the code

  • Here is the file attached

  • AdrianAdrian Wandering Spirit Montreal Vanilla Staff
    edited November 2013

    @kenjw Wordpress plugin for vanilla should be loaded at: /wp-content/plugins/, where you load other plugins.

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  • Hi Adrian,

    The Vanilla Admin Panel says:
    "Plugins allow you to add functionality to your site.
    Once a plugin has been added to your /Users/kewright01/MyStarcatcher/Websites/ folder, you can enable or disable it here." where "" is the equivalent of htdocs (localhost) [Using Desktop Server ServerPress] and that is where I put it.

    I have moved it to the usual " /wp-content/plugins/" and have the attached code in a "discussions" Wordpress Page [see attached file].

    However …. same result … it does not show up in the "discussions" Wordpress Page

    So problem still exists. Any other ideas? Should the attached code be "wrapped" in some other way. I have it on the WP Page exactly as you see it here.

    Thanks for your help

  • sorry no code was attached

  • Soory I cannot get the .txt file to load?

  • Please tell me how to include the txt "inline". The attache file "thingy" is not working

  • Hi Adrian,

    An update … I have discovered that there is a bug in Wordpress 3.7.1

    If you load this code into the "Visual" tab on a WP Page it is not recognised. But if you load the code into the "Text" tab it works and I can see Vanilla.

    However using the code … it does not recognise the "Responsive Bootstrap" WP Theme. This is a problem for me.

    Any ideas?

  • AdrianAdrian Wandering Spirit Montreal Vanilla Staff

    hi @kenjw,

    It's not a bug for WordPress. You cannot include code in the visual tab, always the text one. We usually recommend you use the Embed theme for a forum embed as it is made for this purpose. If you like, you can make a copy and change the css colors to your needs.

    P.S. just a quick tip, use the @ before a username if the message is to them.

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  • Sorry I had to abandon the use of Vanilla. Apart from the one time (above) that it was working for a while, it failed again multiple times.

    I do not think this Wordpress Integration is stable!

    I will try again when I hear someone say it actually works and how they got it to work.

    Thanks for all the help

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