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Not translating and one OT question

Hi people. New to Vanilla and still learning, so be gentle to me ;)

I'm having some issues with the locale I have downloaded to my forum. Everything is not translated even though the string is in the file. I have checked, edited, re-edited, added double entries just in case and even joined the transifex team and translated every missing piece but it's not helping.

Mainly it's the "comments" and "views" on the forum homepage that is not being translated no matter what I do.
I'm running Vanilla 2.1b2 and the locale is from 2012.10.05.

Any help, tips or pointers are welcome.

And for the off topic question. When looking at posts on all of them have this fancy popup underneath with some functions like "insightful", "awesome" and "lol". What is that? Plugin or something else? I don't have that and just want to rule out any bug or something else from my forum.



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