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Update 2015

I have needed to remove this add-on until I have a chance to rework so it functions with the most recent version of Vanilla. If you'd like it's on Github:

Happy Holidays all! I am happy to announce the release of a Reddit SSO plugin. I was able to get over some hurdles with the help of Todd's amazing Facebook plugin and some help from others in the community ( @hgtonight, @shadowdare @kasper)

Getting an Reddit SSO was a personal project I began before working at Vanilla. Recent changes to the Reddit Oauth finally made it possible.

As you may know, Reddit reaches about 90 million unique visitors a month & by some accounts is the 4th largest social network in the world. This will also make Vanilla the first forum/community software to have Reddit SSO (at least in the open source version)


  • The plugin uses Reddit Oauth:
  • Only users who have a verified email at Reddit can signup to the forum.
  • It creates a 1 hour token, which expires after 60 minutes. (Permanent tokens did not play nice--but I would love to see it happen one day)
  • Users can also share a comment to Reddit
  • Plugin only works on 2.1b2 or greater

This is a 100% personal project, so it's not an "official" Vanilla release.

With that said, here is an SSO plugin for Reddit:

Link Removed

Code improvements welcome at:

Hope you guys think it's cool,

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