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verification emails and postfix

I installed postfix as MTA on my server; now i don't get email can't send when I create new user and such but the email doesn't send either.
I did check my postfix configuration and I don't use any SMTP values in my dashboard > Outgoing Email either. but i still stuck with the problem of emails.
What should I do in order to regulate the process of sending emails.
Do i need to tweak any files or to set the smtp value in dashboard to my own smtp server. (my postfix and http server is on the same machine).


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    Check mail.err for errors. Also check mail.log to see if the postfix is trying to send the email. If postfix is trying to send the email, then see what the response is from the receiving mail server. Also be sure to check your spam folders.

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    m_hmtm_hmt New
    edited February 2014

    Thanks @openletter as it turned out my ISP was blocking the outbound SMTP port 25; and theposfix log was filled with no route to host.
    Now I am trying to find out if i can use gmail as SMTP Server . But it seems new security measures implemented by google deny the access of scripts to gmail SMTP Server . I tried a couple of times and then when I visited said email, google ask for my phone number, send me an activation code and ask for new password.
    google said there was an malicious attempt to access the account.
    I even tried to use ASP google application specific password instead of my email password but the result was the same.
    I am looking for insights as to how use google SMTP Server.

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    gmail is not a good choice for transactional mail. it will work for a while then they will shut it down. They simply don't want to be used for this purpose.

    grep is your friend.

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    @x00 ; what are you suggesting?

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    hgtonighthgtonight ∞ · New MVP

    Webhosts generally provide an SMTP server for use. Contact your host in regards to this.

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    @m_hmt Is this on a hosted server or a home server?

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    @openletter; it is a server somewhere in east Europe.

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    @m_hmt Did you get this sorted out? I just discovered a service called Ghetto SMTP that redirects mail through different ports. I haven't tried using it, but it might work for you.

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    ShadowdareShadowdare r_j MVP
    edited February 2014

    Standard Gmail accounts aren't meant to be used for website purposes. Starting your own email server is a lot of work and you have to deal with spam emails as well.

    See if your host has a local email service set up. Also, Google Apps is a great alternative as a hosted email service for businesses and websites. Another alternative is the free Zoho email service that you can set up with your own domain.

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