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Moving from SMF to Vanilla; need a bit of help with a couple of things!

FlenixFlenix New
edited March 2014 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8

Hey guys!

I've just moved to Vanilla from SMF, after my SMF forum broke one too many times. I've decided to cut my losses, set the SMF to read-only, and start anew with Vanilla (Not bothering with DB porting or any of that rubbish.)

Now, I was hoping someone could help me get settled in?
My first question; is it possible to add a "Read/Unread" icon to Categories? In SMF, we had things like this:
and I'd love to get the same functionality over here if possible!
I'd also like to have a small bit of whitespace between root categories. Currently, it displays like this:

  • Root
    • Sub category 1
    • Sub category 2
  • Root 2
    • Sub 3
    • etc...

I'd just like a bit of space between "Root" and "Root 2", if that makes sense. Simply a visual optimisation; I'd assume this might be theme-based, but maybe I missed a setting somewhere.

Secondly, I've browsed through all the plugins and applications briefly but nothing jumped out at me. Is there any sort of plugin which adds a social media feel to a users profile? IE, they can post status updates and add friends and so on - almost like a Facebook kind of thing, but contained within the forum.

Third; I can't help but notice the very nice looking info panel in the top-left here, right under the Vanilla Cloud ad - displaying Name, notifications, inbox, bookmarks and settings. How would I add this (or something vaguely similar) to my forum?

Finally, are there any good theming/plugin tutorials around? I'm quite well versed in Java/JavaScript but I know next to nothing about PHP, so I'm interested in making the jump and learning something new.

Any help with these is great. I think I'm going to enjoy it here, it does look like a very good bit of software.
(I should mention on closing, I'm using a self-hosted setup running I see a lot of mentions of 2.1, but this is what I got when I hit download yesterday; if there is an upgrade available, what's the best way to install it?)


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