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Does not exclude "applicant" members - got my site shut down for spamming

This discussion is related to the EMailDiscussion addon.
karenrkarenr Vanilla 2.1 stable New

I have a very small forum whose members absolutely need notifications of posts, and nothing has worked quite right for us thus far, so I tried this add-on.
I never expected it to try to email all 978 spambot applicants (who I had been ignoring due to no easy way to mass delete them), which action caused my host, ipower, to immediately shut down my site and accuse me of spamming. I recommend you exercise extreme caution with this add-on, due to my own middle of the night experience.
No offense intended and all thanks to the author, I am sure it works out for some, but I wanted to share my horror story in case it helps others avoid the same problem.


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