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moderation bug or feature. lastcommentid not reflecting last posted comment in Discussion topics

peregrineperegrine MVP
edited August 2014 in Feedback

I was playing around with moderation. Vanilla 2.1.1

in the following pete is moderated and peregrine is not moderated.

sequence of operations....

peregrine started discussion.
peregrine posted a comment.
pete posted a comment (that went to moderation queue)
pete posted a comment (that went to moderation queue)
peregrine posted a comment
pete's moderated comments were approved

the moderated comments take the time of approval for displayed date (seems reasonable.

the topic list however shows peregrine as the last author in the post.

the issue I see is this. If pete's moderated and approved posts get a time after peregrine's last comment. (even though initial posts by pete were prior to peregrines last comment). - sounds reasonable.

but what is odd is the topic list should then show pete as the last author. or do moderated posts also get an additional sting by not displaying the last author in the topics list.

lastcommentid in the discussion table does not get updated properly in the discussion table, in other words approved moderated comments don't seem to write the lastcommentid upon approval,

or I am missing something. or this is the intended behavior. seemed a bit odd.

since new readers of discussion topics will not notice that pete actually made the last comments.

@linc - any clarification - feature or bug.

I'd be glad to file as bug, if it is not filed already, if there is a clarification response as to intended behavior.

I may not provide the completed solution you might desire, but I do try to provide honest suggestions to help you solve your issue.


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