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Error on discussion with poll

This discussion is related to the Discussion Polls addon.
edited November 2014 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.3

When I add a poll to a discussion, I get this error:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function WrapIf() in /path/to/vanilla/plugins/DiscussionPolls/class.discussionpolls.plugin.php on line 550

vanilla, with rounder theme.


  • hgtonighthgtonight ∞ · New Moderator

    Oh dear... looks like I used a 2.1 function.

    Please add the following to your /conf/bootstrap-before.php file:

    function WrapIf($String, $Tag = 'span', $Attributes = '') {
       if (empty($String))
          return '';
          return Wrap($String, $Tag, $Attributes);

    If you don't have a /conf/bootstrap-before.php file, create it with the above contents.

    Please note that new versions of my plugins will not be 2.0.x compatible.

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  • Thank you for your help. I had to fiddle around a little bit.

    The filename should be is /conf/bootstrap.before.php, not /conf/bootstrap-before.php.

    I have no clue about PHP, so first I missed something at the beginning of the file. Now it looks like this (and everything works):

         <?php if (!defined('APPLICATION')) exit();
            function WrapIf($String, $Tag = 'span', $Attributes = '') {
            if (empty($String))
            return '';
            return Wrap($String, $Tag, $Attributes);

    Thank you again!

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