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Mac OS X (Safari & Firefox) show banner at top of fresh installed 2.1 forum

Hello, after installing Vanilla 2.1.5 on a CentOS & Apache setup I see this on the top of my OS X Client web-browser (Safari & Firefox). How do I get rid of this?

Mac OS X 2��ATTR��<��<�;5468f02e;Safari;BB274837-8344-445B-807C-B3B33D6B1A0B




  • peregrineperegrine MVP
    edited November 2014

    it has to do with utf-8 encoding and charset


    $Configuration['Garden']['Charset'] = 'utf-8';

    or add to meta tag

    or possibly this

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  • rotaechorotaecho Los Angeles New

    Thanks peregrine, I tried the config.php change and no dice.

    I already ran that xttr command on the OS X downloaded file before uploading to my Linux VPS.

    Any other ideas?

  • rotaechorotaecho Los Angeles New

    I've verified the MySQL is UTF-8 General. Not sure exactly how to clean this up. Being a fresh-install of Vanilla 2.1.5 I didn't think I'd have to do a lot of hacking to get it to look proper on a OS X client.

    I'll hunt some more before looking towards another forum software if I can't resolve this issue.

  • R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    @rotaecho said:
    I'll hunt some more before looking towards another forum software if I can't resolve this issue.

    Try whatever software you like, but Mac OS X is the problem... ;)


  • rotaechorotaecho Los Angeles New

    I will try to run it against another OS/Browser to confirm. All the fixes haven't resolved this issue yet. I just find it very strange, having developed other applications in PHP and OS X, have never came across this till installing Vanilla. Again, it may be extremely common, but in my 20yrs working with OSX/Web/Linux/OpenSource, I have yet to see this. Yet, all the suggested fixes haven't resolved the issue which makes it even an odder scenario, as if it's a "common thing" fixes usually resolve the problem. Again, just what I've seen in the 20yrs I've been doing this sort of stuff. Not calling anyone a liar, just not seeing a real resolution other than "It's OS X not Vanilla" where I haven't ever seen this with other OSX/PHP combos.

    I will read the links more extensively.

  • hgtonighthgtonight ∞ · New Moderator

    @rotaecho said:
    I will try to run it against another OS/Browser to confirm.

    The issue is the file was downloaded on OSX which automatically adds this quarantine attribute. You need to clean it before deploying it to the server.

    Alternatively, just clone the Vanilla git repo and checkout the 2.1 branch.

    $ git clone ~/vanilla
    $ cd ~/vanilla
    $ git checkout 2.1

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  • R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin
    edited November 2014

    @rotaecho: no offense taken and I didn't wanted to speak bad on Mac OS X.

    I understand that an error which appeared first when using one special software is likely to be searched in that software.

    But if we just speak of probabilities:

    No one else has ever ask here or on GitHub for something "quarantineq" related (just a quick search, not 100% sure about that). You are the first (and only!) one reporting that error and Vanilla has been tested by quite a lot of users.

    And therefore I would have even bet money that your PC/config/whatsoever on your side causes that error. B)
    The word "quarantine" alone is a hint that some software on your side was acting too strict ;)

    I hope you could have resolved that issue and now have starting fun with Vanilla!

  • rotaechorotaecho Los Angeles New


    I've stripped the quarantine from the file before uploading to my CentOS 6.5 server same behavior. I'm using OS X 10.10.

    Performing the git on the actual CentOS 6.5 server appeared to resolve the issue.

    Thank-you everyone for your patience on this.

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