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Vanilla as a blog

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Hey there folks ... Some of you know I have been tinkering around with Vanilla to build it up as a blog type system ... So without further ado ... let me introduce This does have some custom modifications to Vanilla (that I'll look to convert to extensions one day). I still have more bits and bobs to do to it ... but it's almost there :) Thoughts?


  • Mr K, I like it alot. Its very nice. I like what you did with the social bookmarking below the posts. How did you accomplish that?
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Very Impressive, Mr K is this strictly a styling or did you customize the templates as well? If so any chance of tossing them into the add-ons after you have some time to iron it all out? :)
  • actually that was one of the more major hacks (about 10 lines added to one of the class files), I need to figure out how to put that into an extension, as that probably is something people will want :)
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Indeed, it looks excellent. I'd say make it available when you can because yeah, now people are going to want it :)
  • Mr K, Could you please post the javascript code for all the social bookmarking tools of how you inserted it into your templates or extension? I would love to have my real estate blog setup with for every post. Thank you.
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    Okay.... sure....I may release a full theme version later
    1) copy the discussion.php file from the vanilla theme into a new theme folder

    2) then I added worked out each image and link eg:
    <a href="'.$UnreadUrl.'&quot; target="_blank" title="Submit this story to Delicious">
    <img src="'.$this->Context->StyleUrl.'delicious.png" />

    » download my modified discussion.php
    » download the social icons

  • I did something similiar with my Social Bookmarks extension. You also inspired me to do the same thing with my real estate blog at US Homes Today. I guess I couldn't wait, so I went searching, and working on the original version of the Social Bookmarks extension was driving me nuts. So I switched methods of displaying the different social bookmarking services.

    You can see the modified version of what I did at
  • yeah, getting it to display in the right place, do the right thing etc ... not easy
    And the CSS ... man....different things keep over riding ... in 1500 lines of CSS it's very hard to to have cross pollution

    If I had the time, I'd go through and completely rebuild the CSS for vanilla .... I'm thinking of writing a GZIP extension for it too
  • Hey Mr K,

    Typo - powered

    Studiowhiz is proudly powerd by Vanilla from Lussumo
  • DOH!!.. good spotting dude ..he hehe I wote that with keyboard in one hand, glass of wine in other!
  • One word that springs to mind... FANTASTIC!
  • cheers dude ...
  • Really nice approach!! This will make a lot of people happy while they're waiting for Swell :)
  • Please, Mr. K, release the code of your hack... I can´t wait for the extension! Thank you.
  • This is certainly impressive.

    The fact that people are already doing this sort of thing with Vanilla makes you wonder what'll happen further down the line when people have really got to grips with the lussumo framework.
  • Dude, that's really slick.

  • Tis beautiful.
  • nice! I'm just starting to work on modding Vanilla to work as a feed aggregator, so I'm working on something really similar. It's nice to see I'm not the only one who is doing stuff like this with Vanilla. Makes me wonder if Swell and Vanilla will have any tie-in to each other. I just read a blog today (found it by accident), about how blogs and forums are really just different presenations of the same basic idea.
  • I don't know if you are aware of it or not, but just in case "You got owned by (a damn script kiddy) at" on your old IPB forum ...
  • Yeah ... we've taken them down and over the weekend I'll write a script to convert them to Vanilla ...
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