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Disappearing Discussion



  • Mark, it isn't a role issue. Those with any role can read and post. And it isn't a category issue as far as I can tell. The only thing I can see is that those who are NOT LOGGED IN cannot see the discussion either in the Discussions list OR on the page in which it resides and the category itself does not appear in the popdown menu when you aren't logged in.
  • In Settings>Roles & Permission>Unauthenticated there is no place to set anything other than the role name. In Settings>Categories>Dewly Inspired Book Club [the name of the disappearing category]>Edit there is a place to allow or disallow roles to "take part" in the category. Unauthenicated ARE allowed to "take part" (I don't know if that means post or just read). On the categories list page, I can block and unblock a category, but it is not blocked. When in the category itself, there is no place to manage the category, just a list of who's online, categories, feeds, and a legend. What am I missing here? Where is it that you all can limit categories to certain viewers? Thanks again for the input.
  • Settings - Categories - then Edit the category - then at the bottom you see the ability to pick which roles can take part in the category.
  • Yes, I discussed that. Everyone is listed as being able to take part except "Banned" members. I assume we are looking at "unauthenticated" since it seems only to be those NOT logged in that cannot see the category. Unauthenticated IS allowed to "take part" in this category.
  • Was this working at one time? If so, what add-ons did you add recently?
  • I believe so. The new category hasn't been around for very long, though. I have the following extensions active: Atom Feed Category Jumper Applicant Discovery Extended Application Form Guest Welcome Message HTML Formatter Legends Quicktags RSS2 Feed Vanillacons Who's Online
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Wait, didn't someone else report this error of Vanilla displaying "zero" when a discussion was hidden?
  • I don't know. But this discussion isn't hidden. :/ I just tried to hide and then unhide the discussion. But I suspect something about categories is involved as well.
  • Ack, can anyone help me resolve this? This whole category is still invisibile to anyone who is NOT logged in!
  • Any ideas? Still unable to solve this.
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    I believe you need to check that 'banned' role to get it to work.

    I just tested by creating a category, a test message, unchecking banned, and it disappeared for unauthenticated. I got the same zero also.

    The roles have a sort of hierarchy. If banned can't see it, then unauthenticated can't see it, because an unauthenticated session may be a banned member.

    Clear as mud?
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    Oh! You are right. That is the difference between the two categories! I did not foresee that it would block unauthenticated users. It should be noted, then, that disallowing ANYONE form participation will ALSO disallow the unauthenticated--even if they are explicitly allowed! I thank you sincerely for your help with this!
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