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Issue with custom Form submission

I defined the following form in a view php file for a plug-in I am preparing:

<form action="<?php echo Url('/profile/mems');?>" method="GET">

When the form submits, it does not gets to the method I defined as following in my code:

public function ProfileController_Mems_Create($Sender) { }

instead it goes to vanilla/index.php?memsoption=xbus1&Submit+Button=Submit

But if I type in the browser: http://mydomain/vanilla/index.php?p=/profile/mems, it goes to my method above.

Sure I am doing something wrong, but I could not find out what exactly is wrong by looking at documentation and the community.
Does anyone have any experience of defining custom forms that can submit data to a controller in code?
Appreciate if you can share your experience on this or if you have any reference to documentation/discussion related to this.


  • hgtonighthgtonight ∞ · New Moderator

    Don't bother writing out manual form markup. Use the Gdn_Form object and just open it in your view:

    echo $this->Form->Open();
    echo $this->Form->Errors();
    /* Spit out your inputs */
    echo $this->Form->Close();

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  • R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    You shouldn't do it like that. Your view should use the form class of Vanilla look here for an implementation example:

    The view only implements a submit button and the "action" is defined in the controller.

    You have to create a controller for the form:

    public  function PluginController_YourPlugin_Create ($Sender) {
        // add a form to your controller
        $Sender->Form = new Gdn_Form();
        if (!$Sender->Form->AuthenticatedPostBack()) {
            // form hasn't yet submitted. Stuff values into formfields for example or pass info to your form
           $Sender->SetData('SomePlaceholder', 'Data you'll need in your view');
        } else {
            // form has been submitted and you can now work with the submitted values
            // here they are!
            $FormPostValues = $Sender->Form->FormValues();
            // you can validate them, alter them or whatever yoou like and then do something like that
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