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Another 'Multilingual' question

I installed the Multilingual 1.1 plugin into my Vanilla 2.1.9 forum.
The description of the plugin says you can embed your forum at different places of the forum in different languages.
My website is bilingual (English/Dutch) and the default locale is set to English.

My question is: how do I embed the forum into both parts of my site so it shows the right language when people get to the page?
When I leave it at English on the English page, it shows in English on the Dutch page too, and when I set it to Dutch, it shows in Dutch on both parts of the site.

Any suggestions as to how to correct this, please?

Thank you.


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    hgtonighthgtonight ∞ · New Moderator

    Welcome to the community!

    It appears you can set the locale by appending the locale as a GET parameter to the URL. Something like

    You would have to figure out which locale code you need.

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    Thank you.
    However, that seems not to make any difference.
    My URLs are:

    Just thought I'd also mention that my forum is embedded into the web pages.
    I tried "******?locale=vf_nl" and "******?locale=Dutch", but that made no difference, or do I have to make changes to the PHP code too?

    Thanks again for your input.

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    that is a confusing url scheme that implies they are different forums. it would be better to do it like so


    grep is your friend.

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    FraWebFraWeb New
    edited March 2015

    Oh dear,
    (No offence), but this makes it even more confusing for me.
    So, the URLs I gave above, the ones that have nl after their name (eg. forumnl.html) point to the pages in Dutch, while the others (eg. forum.html) point to the English pages.
    Anyway, thank you for your help.
    PS. I also tried to install Vanilla a 2nd time (obviously in a different folder), but it would not let me.

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    I am beginning to see the light, I guess.
    I don't think I can use an URL like /en/forum, as my forum is embedded, so I used the Javascript code that is in the dashboard.

    I have also noticed there seem to be parameters in embed.js, but I have too little knowledge of Javascript to fiddle with those.

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    vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP

    Ok, so you have one forum, the stand alone forum which is where ?

    the link you have is an embedded forum and you are using the mobile theme for it which is very limited, well to mobile phones....

    The second link you gave is to another embedded forum which is exactly like the one above but the host page is in dutch.

    It seems the real forum is here but you have it forcing the url of the host page of the embed so I can't see the real forum.

    You need to understand that the embed is the same as the real forum but with limitations.

    If you want to have two forums, one in dutch and one in english using the multilingual plugin it is not going to work like you think.

    You should try using a decent theme first and then add plugins but work on the main forum not the embed.

    Try the plugin TranslateThis , that may work better...

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    this is brilliant.
    The thing is, I had never used Vanilla before, I used to use different types of forum, so some things in the setup can be confusing if you are new to Vanilla.
    One little thing, though, when you click on the flags, the window that opens then is a tiny bit too small, some of the bottom items are partly hidden.
    Is there any setting you can adjust to fix that?

    Thanks again, you have been a great help.

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    The above, about the size, probably had something to do with the chosen theme.
    However, the plugin seems to be unresponsive at times.
    Sometimes it does not change the language, or it leaves traces of the previously chosen language behind.
    For example, I tried Croatian (I think) and now, whenever I select other languages, where "Home" should appear, it keeps displaying "Кући", in whatever language I select.

    Could this be a bug?

    Thank you.

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    Multilingual is for translating the locale. If you want different forums, set up different forums. It is possible to use categories to accommodate regional issues in the native tongue.

    grep is your friend.

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