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vanillaforums.org/discussions theme?

inside83inside83 Banja Luka New

I started using vanillaforums just recently and loving it.
Right now I'm still figuring stuff out and designing my forum.
I was wondering how to make my forum look like vanillaforums.org/discussions.
What's the theme?


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    hgtonighthgtonight ∞ · New Moderator

    Welcome to the community!

    The theme is a custom theme called vforg that is not released for public use.

    Search first

    Check out the Documentation! We are always looking for new content and pull requests.

    Click on insightful, awesome, and funny reactions to thank community volunteers for their valuable posts.

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    inside83inside83 Banja Luka New
    edited April 2015

    Thanks for having me.

    Don't you think it should be?
    I vote yea :)

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    It is irrelevant whether you think it should be released, it is not your decision. Also why would people want to clone of vanillaforums.org? The whole point of vanilla is you can brand it, and there are a loads of themes that are available.

    These questions have be asked, many, many times. Please use the search.

    grep is your friend.

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    inside83inside83 Banja Luka New

    It is irrelevant?
    It is not my decision?

    Who talks like that?

    All right Mr Borg.

    I was just about to give an executive command to vanillaforums.org staff to release the theme but guess I got carried away, since it's not my decision.

    May I just suggest that you talk with someone about your delusion of grandeur. And by someone, I mean a professional.

    Oh, and btw, of course I searched for this before I posted but thank you very much for clarifying the search function for me.

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    R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    Just relax... x00 hasn't put his statement in kind words, but what he said is absolutely true. What you've said is at least impolite. No need for that.

    The search should have showed you numerous questions for the official theme and as hgtonight already told you, you are simply not allowed to use it. No need for begging:

    "We do not give permission to reuse the design of the VanillaForums.org site themes. They are copyrighted by Vanilla Forums, Inc. which reserves all rights to said design. In other words, use the code how you want, but don't produce clone sites with it."

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    I think a short sharp lesson on in why entitlement isn't all it is cracked up to be, isn't a bad lesson to have.

    You have a tremendous resources to your disposal, with lots of addons and themes, and total versatility for branding purposes.

    I notice that behaviour is conditional. People behave differently in different scenarios. For example, where people are given the privilege of being able to submit content to a site, they forget this is not a right but a privilege, and assume their rights somehow supersede the site's, and cry "freedom of speech", when they can choose a publisher or publish themselves. Or where they have used OS software, they think they should get an endless supply of free shit, missing the whole point of OS.

    I don't know where you get "delusions of grandeur" out of four sentences. However I'm not going to argue with you about personalities. Think what you like. As R_J says it is ad hominem at best.

    grep is your friend.

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