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vBulletin 4.2.x migration redirects

I'm hoping someone else has run into this issue possibly-not directly related to Vanilla Forums, or alternatively tell me I'm crazy and doing something terribly wrong. I see the 'showthread.php' included with the vanilla distribution, and it looks like it should be handling this issue but I keep getting 'page not found.'

Apache rewrite mod is enabled, 'all' is allowed in appropriate locations.
I've tried various .htaccess RewriteRules.
I've attempted to use Routes through the dashboard.

I want to ensure that:

Will go to their new homes:

However currently it either dead-ends or redirects to index; I see other vBulletin success stories on these forums, so I'm assuming it is something I'm executing poorly.


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    I think the problem is you were using pretty urls, rather than typical vbulletin ?p|t|f|u=

    Do you have the old vbullitin server rules for pretty urls? You can put those above the vanilla ones.

    grep is your friend.

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    Yes, friendly URLs were active on vB4, tried to reverse the rewrites and it failed in the same way as above.

    Plugged in Redirector, it didn't work; however it is, with debug on, spitting out some interesting info. It has some, what I'll assume are loops(?), but that stuff is superfluous after '/discussion/###/..'

    Redirector is providing on its Input array a path

    So, it seems I'd just need to figure out where GDN gets its path? Or otherwise chop/drop the '/path/to/server/' stuff.
    I haven't yet examined this plugin, so maybe there are some clues for me in the code.

    I feel this is very close, thanks for the assistance.

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    Sorry, just checking in; Redirector worked like a charm.

    I found the pathing issue, there was a RewriteRule in my .htaccess remaining from when I was trying to handle this through apache; shut that down and the pathing issue solved.

    Then I tried and I kept getting these errors through debug that said "Redirect found // ..." and the first time I saw it I said "Yeah that link. Now act on it."

    Then I checked your code: "if debug, else". Disabled debug... gold.
    That was awesome, you rock; thanks so much.

    Totally works now.

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