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Developmer needed for Meraki Accademy . custome plugins

I need a few things developed, in less than a month need it before september and my programmer is too busy.

things i need.

A anonymous post for guest to reply to certain posts , i have a section thats for guests and unregister members only, I know we have a plugin for that but it doesnt work on the lattest version of vanilla, I need a working one for my forum

the ability for members to invite their friends, and if they join, they get karma ( we have spark not karma) i know again we have this already but it doesnt work on the latest version, ( nightmare)

the ability to award and unaward spark ( karma)

i have some costumization on the site. ( level up system) just need a few things done before going live, anyone want in , I'm not asking this for free. :)


  • I would have posted this in development but it says i do not have permision

  • mtschirsmtschirs ✭✭✭

    With latest version of Vanilla you mean 2.2b1 or the current master branch?


  • master branch, i dont trust betas.

  • The master branch is usually alpha, so it is not better than beta. Sorry I didn't have time to have look at what you are using.

    grep is your friend.

  • lol i have no bloody idea how it all works, you did an awesome job on your last plugin mr x00, i have less than a month to get this working and there are a few vital features that are still not working. already looked in the plugins library , everything there is ALMOST what i need but not quite.

  • so i take it there isnt a single programmer on vanilla forums thats p to the job? ok... geesh

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