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Issue: Vanilla character encoding

mtschirsmtschirs ✭✭✭
edited August 2015 in Development

All of the following can be found in the vanilla core:

htmlspecialchars(..., C('Garden.Charset', 'UTF-8'))
htmlspecialchars(..., 'ISO-8859-1'); // Smarty default
htmlspecialchars(..., 'UTF-8')
htmlspecialchars(...) // Defaults to 'ISO-8859-1' in PHP <= 5.3

From the PHP manual:

For the purposes of this function, the encodings ISO-8859-1 [and] UTF-8 [are] effectively equivalent, provided the string itself is valid for the encoding.

But what if C('Garden.Charset') is set to something more exotic? That is how you end up on ...

Why even bother with C('Garden.Charset') then? Better make Vanilla UTF-8 only?




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