Vanilla 2.1.13 - security updates



  • @Linc said:

    @Ivan_Gurin said:
    After upgrade to 2.1.13 version, doesn't work merge action of Split/Merge plugin.

    Upgrade to 2.1.13p1, updated in the original post above. Sorry 'bout that.

    Thank you for quick answer and usefull update :)

  • ytadvisorsytadvisors Indiana
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    Just did the upgrade. My first ever Vanilla upgrade process. It went well.

    Can't wait for 2.2!!!

  • peregrineperegrine MVP
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    @Hillfoot said:
    I have downloaded 2.1.13 and installed it and the site runs OK. But at the foot (when in "Dashboard") it shows v. 2.1.8 !!

    linc said: @Hillfoot Sounds like the version is being pulled from the config, which is no longer updated by the code. I'd just remove it from the foot, or change the version number in the conf/config.php file if it really bothers you. It isn't used for anything else.

    An alternative thought on your situation Hillfoot.

    if you don't have some plugin or theme modifying the version in dashboard. The version number in your dashboard at the bottom should be the same version number reflected in your index.php

    make sure that you have copied the index.php file over correctly from the new version. Is it possible you overlooked copying this file.

    it should state 2.1.13p1 if the index.php is correct.

    since the dashboard uses admin.master.php which uses the constant APPLICATION_VERSION which is set in your index.php.

    echo '<div class="Version">Version ', APPLICATION_VERSION, '</div>';

    It could be helpful to you and the people debugging your forum to see the correct version, therefore if the index.php is incorrect, then info in firebug and debuggers is also incorrect and may throw people off and they might think you have a different version of software then you actually do.


    I may not provide the completed solution you might desire, but I do try to provide honest suggestions to help you solve your issue.

  • Dear Developers: Thank you for the great work!

    However, I think I've found another regression bug:
    Call to undefined method ProxyRequest::status() in library/core/functions.general.php on line 759
    This call is inside the function FetchPageInfo, which is used for Vanilla Comments. Consequently, in 2.1.13p1 it is not possible to write the first comment to an article using Vanilla Comments (the user gets the error message "There was an error performing your request. Please try again.").

    It is possible, that the bug was already introduced in an earlier version. However, 2.1.10 worked well.

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