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Filebrowser thumbnailer: 'Generate Thumbnails' results in a blank screen and no thumbs

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Looking at the server requirements, it seems that my PHP configuration should be fine.

Not being a techy, I have no idea if the server has the GD2 library or where to get it/how to install it if it doesn't. Would that be causing this problem?

This problem doesn't occur on smaller images, but I am having problems on my 600k+ files.


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    Are there any errors?

    For larger files, I sometimes have to increase the php_memory limit in a .htaccess file. It is usually set at about 8MB, so I double it and see if that works.

    I could be totally off the mark here, but this can do no harm. Stick this in a .htaccess file in the filebrowser directory:

    # PHP is hungry. Give it more resources. php_value memory_limit 16M

    Please let me know how is works out
  • Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately it doesn't work.

    Could it be the same issue as this? (although they don't say if they see an error message - I just get a blank screen). I don't begin to understand the stuff in the grey box on that thread, and there seems to be no solution offered there.
  • What type of images are you using? Are the small ones the same filetype as the larger sized ones?

    Does it time out or simply complete the task without actually generating the image?

    It can't be a permissions problem as it makes some thumbnails already. If you are using different directories though, make sure (most important, as you are with MediaTemple by the looks of it. they are picky.) your permissions are chmod 777 for all the folders the images are in, including the one the filebrowser is in.
  • It sounds as though there is a memory limit problem to me. I am no expert on the inner workings of the filebrowser, but, as some of them work and some don't (the larger ones) is definitely sounds like too little memory, or the process is timing out.
  • Sorry for the triple post, but the .htaccess workaround is what the MediaTemple staff suggested to me when I was doing some other low loss image manipulation. But I'll wait for your feedback before throwing anything else out there.
  • For testing purposes I've only been using images of the same filetype within the same (root) directory of the filebrowser, not a subdirectory.

    It doesn't complete the task without generating the image - I never see a confirmation screen (it just remains blank).

    Permissions for all folders set to chmod 757 as per the readme file that came with Filebrowser, but changing that to 777 makes no difference with the problem.

    Thanks again for your assistance! I hope we can fix it :-)
  • It's definitely a size issue. I've had the same problem myself with large images.
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    Bergamot alluded to a workaround, but with no further info.

    jeandeluxe resolved the issue, but without leaving instructions for others with the same problem.
  • Interestingly, the blank screen happens when trying to thumbnail 'DSC0008.JPG', a 376k file, but if I change the filename to 'Picture8.jpg' then it gets as far as the confirmation screen (although it still doesn't actually create the thumbnail.

    Why would this bug have anything to do with the filename??
  • I was having the same issue.

    However, if you use Nathan's code:

    # PHP is hungry. Give it more resources. php_value memory_limit 16M

    But, bump it up to like... 32M, it should work.

    I am working with files about 500-800k and I can do 3 at a time. I haven't tried more then that. But it works for me.
  • I have bumped the ram, but still going to White screen. (PHP5.2 from Entropy on Mac OS X server 10.4.8)
  • We have the blank screen problem aslo. I cannot get it to display any thumbnails at all. We're using pics that all are 2MB in size. What causes this blanks screen?
  • Have you checked your php memory limit? Does it work for thumbnailing smaller files?
  • all of my thumbnails come up as "Preview Unavailable"
  • I fixed it, I finally realized that I have to thumbnail the images by going to site/Filebrowser/thumbnailer.php and generating them, all this time I didnt think that thumbnailer was really an file you would want to look at lol...
  • minisweeper: I created the file with "just php_value memory_limit 16M " in an .htaccess as suggested above. I also tried smaller pics about 15KB and was not able to create thumbnailer.
  • Does apache have write access to the directory?
  • The directory is set to 0777. Is that what you mean.
  • Hmmm...running out of ideas then!
  • I've tried on 2 different distributions of linux. The old mandrake and now Centos. Still no thumbnails. :(
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