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Filebrowser thumbnailer: 'Generate Thumbnails' results in a blank screen and no thumbs



  • ruirui
    edited December 2006
    Where does it try to save the thumbnails? Could this be a problem?? These are mostly pics from a digital camera.
  • update.... I does seem create thumbnails. But only on some jpg's that i pulled off the net. On all the dozens of jpg's I have transferrred from my digital cam, it will not show thumbs. Most of my pics are from a digital camera. Why would they not show up? Could it be the way they were pulled off? I usually do not use the sony software and just access the camera through its drive letter. Thank you for any advice!
  • rui, while I don't have a solution to your problem, I would be extremely surprised if the way you copied them to your computer has affected this. I copy mine the same way and it works just fine for me, so I would expect it t be something else causing this (that or it's Sony's latest cockup...).
  • Just out of interest, if you run the pictures through an imaging app (such as the microsoft office picture manager if you dont have anything else), make an unimportant change to them (run autocorrect or something) then output them, then upload the new images and try thumbnailing them does it work? I just wonder if sony might have put some wierd shit in the file headers or something which is confusing the thumbnailer...never know what sony are up to these days!
  • Good idea Mini! Give that a try rui.
  • YES! that's the problem.... I opened up some pics with adobe and use the "save for web" options and it thumnails, no problem. So it must be something sony adds to the file headers of the pics..... Any way to batch resave a bunch of pics with some other program? Thank you for helping out in the elimination process! Awesome!
  • abobe should run batches fine... God knows what's going on with the file headers though?
  • Jesus wept. Sony have fucked up JPEG now? I shouldn't be shocked, but I am :(
  • MS has a free power toy called Image Resizer. This PowerToy enables you to resize one or many image files with a right-click. Piece of cake to use... you just right click on a hundred pics and selsct resize and poof....done. ya,...That that sony thing is weird! Thank you , Thank you , Thank you ...oh and Merry Christmas! :)
  • Hi folks,

    see my latest comment on the "whitescreen/no thumb" issue in:

    Hint: probs may not only result from filesize in KB/MB, but also from picture dimensions pixelwise..

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