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New private blog, adopted swell (Mark, please read ;))

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Well, I really dont know how this will be taken by the community or mark, but I do not want to do it without telling about it. I was searching for a good template for my own blog and did not find any good ones... so I decided to take a few elements from a blog with a design I really love: Swell ;) I hope it is okay for you, Mark. I took a few elements like general font settings and a few general style ideas, but did not really steal anything. So if you like you're very welcome to visit my blog to see yourself what I decided to take over to serendipity :-) At the moment it's imho bit too greenish , well but it's not finished yet. Greets, Arne


  • Link?
  • I think he means this one:
  • LOL yes, thats it. sorry for the missing link. bergamot: how did you find it?
  • Google
  • uh, i didnt even now i was already spidered... the domain was registered only 3 days ago or something
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I don't mind at all. Looks good :)
  • Foolish mortal, the Googlebot incorporates flux capacitor technology to index pages weeks before you put them online.
  • so what is it? wordpress?
  • remove that completely useless and horrible top green bit ..please
  • its not wordpress (click the admin login link), its a thing called Serendipity.
  • yep, it is serendipity -> @mark; okay, thx :-) @immersion: yes, i will put something else there. yesterday there was just nothing, whats been really too few, it looked very very "empty" at all, so i wanted to put something there to have it "filled".
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    Arne, excellent work!

    Maybe a nice logo would be good along the top. But overall,it looks excellent.

    I am bookmarking Serendipity - this is a new one to me. It looks really good.

    PS - Anyone have experience of Serendipity?
  • Arne, any chance to getting your new file? I like the way you have it to look like vanilla. Really cool work.
  • akbakb
    edited August 2006
    well, it is at the moment not done really "portable" (have only done the things you see, so its not very flexible except the sidebar items that are put into there by s9y itself), but if you like i can zip and upload it for you. @serendipity: i am going to love it. well, it has it flaws, but especially the plugin and template engine is very good done. as far as i see you do not have to hack any source files to get some sort of plugins working [so very modular, there are even plugins that can put custom things into the html header and so on, so you have access to nearly every little thing from a plugin without the need to do ANYthing outside the plugin directory], as you might need in wordpress often. and the template engine is done in a nice way too: it uses easy smarty markup and has a sort of fallback. so if you style one template file for your general layout and dont have the comments layouted yet (no comments.tpl done) it uses the corresponding file from the default template folder. same with images... the xml.gif icon for example: if you put img/xml.gif into your folder the rss list uses this... if you do not, it uses ../default/img/xml.gif. very nice work i think. well, just wait a moment, i will repost when i uploaded it. edit: here you go ->
  • Sounds like it's been designed with the same ideas as vanilla in mind!
  • yes... i just dont know how well ;) but the things i have done so far feel quite good
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    akb, many thanks for the file!

    I am gonna test out Serendipity this weekend on my website. I am trying to amalgamate a blog and a chat forum (ie vanilla) into an almost seamless experience. At present I use the excellent Nucleus (open source) script for the blog section of my site.

    But although Nucleus is excellent, it doesn't look like Vanilla in any shape or fashion. That is why I am so interested in what you have done. Thanks for this file. I will be be doing much tweaking in the days ahead! :)
  • yeah, but please share the links then and if i like something also your modifications :D
  • absolutely, Arne. If there is anything you like on my site, then I'll be delighted to share it.
  • well, if anyone is interested in this adaption, i proudly announce that i worked hard for finalizing the template, hehe. well, its now somewhat far away from the original style, but i like what i have created so far :-) take a look:
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