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Storing Discussion Type with Drafts

ShadowdareShadowdare π Moderator
edited December 2015 in Development

I've just noticed that the DraftModel doesn't store the discussion type, which is set by addons, such as QnA when asking a question, while creating/editing a new discussion via the PostController.

When a draft is saved and the user wants to edit it, the type and additional related form data has been lost and the draft has reverted to a standard discussion, so the post view for the custom type won't show up.

I would like to make use of Vanilla's DraftModel for the Articles app, so being able to store at least the type and possibly some attributes would be beneficial. I can add in some columns via the app's structure method to store the data, but I'd like to keep things universal.

Is this an issue that's been known or simply missed/not implemented yet - in which case, we can look into writing up a pull request :) - or has it been intended to be this way?

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