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Import blog

Our little community is currently using blog software Known to create topics and use the comments to discuss.
I'd like to migrate all content to Vanilla, but clearly the idea of copy-pasting gives me a head-ache.

Is it possible to somehow export/import the content?



  • K17K17 Unkorneglosk - Français / French Paris, France ✭✭✭
    edited March 2016

    You can't do it with this system. Vanilla importing tool (Vanilla Porter) only support:

    • Vanilla 1
    • Vanilla 2
    • Advanced Forum 7.x-2.%
    • ASP
    • bbPress 1
    • Drupal 6
    • esoTalk
    • Expression Engine Discussion Forum
    • IP.B 3
    • jForum
    • Joomla Kunea
    • .mbox files
    • MyBB
    • NodeBB 0.%
    • phpBB 2 & 3
    • PunBB 1
    • SimplePress 1
    • SMF 2
    • Toast
    • vB 3/4/5 Connect
    • WebWiz
    • XenForo
    • YAF.NET

    (% replaces *)

  • hgtonighthgtonight ∞ · New Moderator

    Are you running it on your own server? Dump the db and do a port.

    Or are you using their hosting? Ask them for a db dump and do a port.

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  • As there are +/- 50 posts on the old system, I figured I just sit down and copy/paste. But thnx for the help!

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