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Getting spam via vanillaforums?

Using ver 2.2. I recently joined and just received a spam message to my personal email (which I have indicated NOT to show). He said he got my email from vanillaforums. I didn’t follow any of his links, but I am showing a flag for [1] message on the top my function bar. When I click it, I get “You do not have any messages yet.” but the flag remains.

The email subject shows: “[Vanilla Forums] kings11 sent you a message” and the message is signed by “Rev. Cristopher Madu” who invites me to partner with him in $14.5 million dollars. (Hah!) :p

When I initiate a new vanilla private message and type “kings” in the recipient box, sure enough “kings11” appears. When I search on “kings11” it displays no posts.

Is this a common problem? Any way to prevent it? Thank you.


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