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Attachments 2.0 Beta

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The day has finally arrived! I'm releasing Attachments 2.0 for you to test!!
It's the Attachments core! It doesn't have any bling bling. It just does the job: upload an attachment to you discussions/comments. The core is single file upload only.

Download: ***** Removed, Attachments 2.0 is now available *****

Only works with Vanilla 1.0.1 !!!

Keep in mind that it's BETA. List any bugs you find.

- Now uses a table to store attachment info!
- Upload validation before discussion/comment save
- Fully extendible with extensions!!
- Adds two new permissions: Add Attachments and Manage Attachments
(don't forget to enable them, else you won't be able to upload anything and you would think the attachment doesn't work :P)

- Vanilla 1.0.1 (It won't work with the official Vanilla 1 release!!!)
- Create an upload directory and change permissions to 777
- It's not compatible with Attachments 1.4. Please use a clean vanilla install for testing

- Edit title and description for attachments
- Save application-types/filetypes to config file (it's in the settings-tab, but it doesn't save yet :P)
- Conversion script to import attachments from Attachments 1.4

The following functionality will be released as extensions for Attachments 2.0:
- Inline images
- Thumbnailing
- Download counter
- Filebrowser tab which lists all uploaded files
- Search files
- User quotas
- User albums/file repository


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    Thank you Jazzman, I will try to test it as soon as possible.
  • Looks beautiful.

    Cannot wait until we can see a Thickbox extension for this addon. :D
  • Wow! What a feature list! I especially like "Filebrowser tab which lists all uploaded files". But will that mean you have to install filebrowser? Simplicity is a blessing!
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    wow, incredible extension ! I already love the javascript effect thumbnail > image. Translation is easy. Thanks.
  • Does this fix the issue with files that have spaces in them?
  • Only works with Vanilla 1.0.1 !!!


    when did 1.0.1 come out ?
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    its available via SVN only i believe. There'll probably be a minor version update (i.e. official 1.0.1) sometime soon.
  • Just added a couple of delegates, right?
  • holy shmoly downloaded this and bugu errors all over,its amazing how some work perfect right fromt the start and others end up with error message
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    This one is beta :) I'll remove it from the post. Download the one from the add-ons repository
  • whats the difference between the attachment ext and inline image extension ?
    so far I can not see any image after I upload it, not sure if its evey being uploaded
    no error message this time so that's a good thing ;-)
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    Any particular reason you cant just wander over to the 'Attachments 2.0 and Inline Images 1.0' discussion to fnd the answers to your questions? Especially when you've already been there. I'm guessing perhaps "I've released the new and improved Attachments 2.0 which now uses a SQL table to store attachment information. You can import your old attachments with just a click on a button. Inline Images is the first of many which is an extension for Attachments 2.0. It will display all uploaded image attachments and resize them on the fly if they exceed a maximum width. Users can also display those images inside their comments by using an image tag (e.g. [Image_123])." wasnt a sufficient explanation?
  • oh snap
  • the reason I ask is that i'm not seeing anything, the upload button is there but when you save the comment there's no attachment so I wasn't sure what's what, yea I should have asked in the appropriate place but when I see more than one topic with similiar title I go spastic and get confused ;-)
  • Do you have vanilla 1.0? I remember you had problems to installed vanilla 1.0.1.
  • i have 1.0.1 and 2.0 attachments
  • Did you use Safari?
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    bugsmi0: "I got mine working, I did the opposite of the upgrade instructions
    "i copied over my existing important folders into the new file dir and it worked like a charm"

    Which important folders have you copy over the update?
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    yes Safari, I just deleted the old one and added the new then enabled it

    Dinoboff, that thing I did in that post was refering to upgrading to Vanilla 1.0.1 not any extension
    I was saying there that's how I got my upgrade to work, I uploaded the new Vanilla then added my old important files to that, conf, themes, etc
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    This is what I wanted to know. Which old themes folders have you put back?
    If it is "themes/" that might be the problem. You wouldn't have the new delegations added to the default template files (Attachment 2.0 use new delegations, but I am not sure they are in the themplate files).
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