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Members List Enhanced not showing User ID correctly

I really like the Members List Enhanced plugin and am happily surprised that it even displays the “Nicknames”. I also like the ability to chose which column for sorting the list. However, under the “User ID” column it does not show the User ID but instead shows consecutive numbering that relates to the order in which users were added.

Could someone please tell me exactly how I can fix this so that the User IDs show? Thanks very much.


  • hgtonighthgtonight ∞ · New Moderator

    Did you verify the numbers are incorrect?

    Looking at the source of this addon, I am not seeing any manipulation of the user ids.

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  • vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP

    consecutive numbering that relates to the order in which users were added.

    That is the User ID , The User Name is the Nickname

  • hgtonight - the numbering does seem to reflect correctly the order in which users were added.
    vrijvlinder - my mistake was thinking that Vanilla calls the User Name "User ID". I see now that Members List Enhanced has its own "User ID" which is the consecutive numbering. So now my question is: Since Vanilla does have a field called "User Name" which would be like "John8345" while his "Nickname" is "John Peterson", is there a way of having a list column for both the Vanilla "User Name" and also the "Nickname"?
    Thank you!

  • vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP

    No field for nickname, only UserID and UserName , is that from another plugin ?

  • Thanks for sticking with me, vrijvlinder! On April 8 I added a comment to the following discussion (re FirstLastNames plugin) where I spelled out exactly what I’ve done - but I’ll repeat it here as I think it explains the situation.

    Here is my comment after R_J in September 2015 gave basically the same steps with his link to:

    Terrific Nickname plugin! My only modification is that the members of my private forum prefer seeing “Real Name” rather than “Nickname”, so here are the steps I followed:

    1. Enable plugin ProfileExtender.
    2. Create a Custom Profile Field called "Nickname".
    3. Download Nickname plugin from GitHub (link is above).
    4. Enable Nickname plugin.
    5. Add a member with Username of “MozartA” and Nickname of “Amadeus Mozart”.
    6. View the member’s profile and see that it shows “MozartA(a.k.a. Amadeus Mozart)”, some other information, and “Nickname Amadeus Mozart”
    7. Later, edit the profile field name from “Nickname” to “Real Name"
    8. Check Mozart’s profile again and see that shows “MozartA(a.k.a. Amadeus Mozart)”, some other information, and “Real Name Amadeus Mozart”
    9. Henceforth, when viewing All Categories, the latest post shows the username MozartA (no problem for us), but all Discussion lists show Amadeus Mozart.

    Also, we have enabled the plugin “Members List Enhanced”, and the members list shows Amadeus Mozart.

    Halleluja! Thank you so much R_J.

    P.S. I tried accomplishing this with the plugin FirstLastNames but couldn't get the same results.


    Bottom line: MLE’s column “User Name” is actually showing the “Nickname” that I applied from the Nickname plugin, and then I changed the profile field name from Nickname to “Real Name”, which shows in the member’s profile display as “Real Name” but which now shows in MLE under the column titled “User Name”.

    Sorry for the long explanation, and I hope it’s clear. Not being like you experts who can work wonders with PHP programming, (in the past month I’ve made minuscule modifications to a grand total of two .php files!) I depend on Dashboard for all my tweaks =)

  • vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP
    edited April 2016

    Just change the thing to say Real Name instead of it saying User Name in the view file of the MLE plugin.

    go the file memtable.php and find this line , should be around 148

    echo '<th>' . Anchor(T('Username'),$MColUrl . '&ufield=' . 'Name' . '&sort=' . $NewSort ) .'</th>';

    to this

    echo '<th>' . Anchor(T('Real Name'),$MColUrl . '&ufield=' . 'Name' . '&sort=' . $NewSort ) .'</th>';

  • Thank you! That should be within my paltry skill level. Now would I also be able to get a MLE column to show the true Username, eg. MozartA ?

  • vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP

    By doing this change, you are only changing the cosmetic part, in other words just changing a title for a column. In this case the column should show the UserName whatever that is.

    To show some other Column like that of your Nickname plugin, that would need to be added and that is more complex to do because it means incorporating the output of a field from another plugin or app.

    If someone is willing todo this for you, that would be great. I have no time to do this at the moment.

  • Understood, and thank you very much for all your help!

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