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Discussion read flag issue in sub categories

klu00klu00 New
edited May 2016 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8


I found an issue in the discussions list, in categories.
Let's try to explain how to reproduce it :

So here is my tree for example:

Here is the scenario :
1/ User 1 creates a comment in discussion A1 and discussion AB1, and then leave.
2/ User 2 goes to category A. The discussion A1 is flagged "Unread" because of the comment of User 1, that's normal. So User 2 go to discussion A1 and read the new content.
3/ Then User 2 goes to category AB. Here is the problem : the discussion AB1 is marked as "read", but that's false, the user misses the new content in this sub category !

It seems that every times a user goes to an unread discussion in a parent category A, all discussions in sub categories A* are flagged as Read. The issue is not reproduced when we read first the sub category discussion, and then the parent category discussion.

This is very annoying for users because they don't see the new content each time, and they miss some new comments :(

Any idea ? I tried to find when the read status is saved in the code but I didn't found it.

Thx !


  • hgtonighthgtonight ∞ · New Moderator

    If you can reproduce this reliably, I suggest filing a bug report on Github:

    As for suggestions, use the Recent Discussions as your homepage.

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  • klu00klu00 New
    edited May 2016

    Thx for your answer, I will try to investigate a little more, cause I have some themes files overriding some default views, I don't think that's the cause but in doubt... Then I will open an issue in github ;)

    For the recent discussions as homepage, unfortunately we can't, we have too much sections independant each other, and some users are going only in some... And it would be very messy...

  • klu00klu00 New
    edited May 2016

    I've taken some time to investigate a little more, and it seems that there is a bug, or at least something strange...

    I have disabled all plugins and I have set the default theme to try to understand where is the problem with a "basic" forum, and I put some traces in the code.

    So I'm still able to reproduce it, and that's the "DateMarkedRead" in categories that is broken in some cases : it is updated even if it should not ! So when I read a discussion in category A (see previous example), the DateMarkedRead in the table GDN_UserCategory is updated for category AB... and I don't understand why. But I don't know well how all that stuff is working and I have probably missed something...

    I can also complete my above scenario with :
    4/ User 3 creates a new comment in discussion AB1
    5/ User 2 refresh the discussions list in category AB => the discussion AB1 is marked as unread, with 2 news comments !
    6/ We can repeat from 2/

    The other problem is that I can't reproduce it in a forum configured from scratch with the latest 2.2.1... I figure that there is some logic different in case of lots of comments in a thread, I've only tested it with a few comments (the forum where we have the problem contains threads with often more than 10 pages)

    I will open an issue in github, but I don't know if someone could help me, this seems to be a very specific bug...

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