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Is there a way to close the poll without closing the thread?

This discussion is related to the Discussion Polls addon.

Title is my question: any way to close a poll without closing the thread for discussion?



  • hgtonighthgtonight ∞ · New Moderator

    There is no way from the UI to close a poll. There is a method to close the poll via the model, so it would be relatively trivial to add.

    Something like the following:

    public function Base_DiscussionOptions_Handler($Sender) {
        if(!CheckPermission('Plugins.DiscussionPolls.Manage')) {
        $Sender->Options .= Wrap(Anchor($Label, '/discussion/closepoll/' . $Discussion->DiscussionID), 'li');
    public function DiscussionController_ClosePoll_Create($Sender, $Args) {
        if(!CheckPermission('Plugins.DiscussionPolls.Manage')) {
            throw PermissionException();
        $DiscussionID = $Args[0];
        $Discussion = $Sender->DiscussionModel->GetID($DiscussionID);
        if ($Discussion) {
            Redirect('/discussion/' . $Discussion->DiscussionID);
        else {
            throw NotFoundException();

    Untested, but that should add a new discussion option to forcibly close the poll. I would suggest adding a check to only have the option if the poll is currently open. And perhaps a method to reopen an accidentally closed poll.

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