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Converting IPB 3.4.7 to Vanilla 2.2.1 testing

sscadminsscadmin New
edited August 2016 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8

Hello Everyone

This is my first time using Vanilla Forums and the Vanilla Porter 2.3 so if I am missing something please point me in the right direction.

I was able to run the export fine and it produced an export file I can then import into Vanilla forums. Which this worked fine, but the issues I ran into were these:

  • Doesn't look like the 'quote' bbcode was converted properly. Is there a way after the fact to run a sql query to fix the syntax or to have the quote bbcode working? I didn't check all the bbcodes, but this one is the most used bbcode on the IPB forums so it was easy to spot.

  • When I ran the export tool, it kept complaining that it couldn't find the avatars folder. Where is this set in the code? Looking in my IPB install looks like my avatars are stored in the '/public_html/ssc/uploads/profile' folder on the server.

  • I don't think files/attachments are being captured during the export from IPB. Currently it looks like attachments are stored in '/public_html/ssc/uploads/monthly_' folders on my IPB install and you can see all of the attachments info stored in the ipb_attachements table in IPB. Where would these files or attachments show up in Vanilla forums so I can make sure 3000+ attachments were converted?

I am running dry runs of the export and seeing how it looks in Vanilla forums. I noticed that ranks and possible display names are issues. I disabled display names forum wide in IPB so I will run export again to test to see if this fixes the issue of double names.

Is there any special cleanup or things I should do on the IPB side before export to make a smoother conversion? So far Vanilla Forums conversion tool has been the best so far at being accurate and fast, so thank you and it is the reason I will probably go with Vanilla Forums for my migration.

Thank you for any feedback on IPB migration to Vanilla Forums. I have no problem testing the Vanilla Porter to if it is needed to find any issues. My forums have over 10k users and over 50k posts so its a decent size so if there is any logging I can turn on to help locate and fix conversion problems please advise.



  • R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    If you ask questions that are directly related to a addon/plugin by hitting the "Ask a question" button at the bottom of the plugins page, the author is automatically noticed.
    I think @Linc would be the one who could answer your questions best and if not, would be the one to work with to improve the importer.

  • LincLinc Detroit Admin

    I've asked our migrations guy @DaazKu to stop in here and chat this week.

  • DaazKuDaazKu Head of Operations Admin
    edited August 2016


    • For your quote problems you need to have the Advanced editor plugin enabled.
      IPB also require an additional plugin (Unfortunately the plugin is not published but you can copy the 3 files and put them into a folder name "IPBFormatter" under the plugins folder of your installation) to be installed on your forum since it is mixing HTML with BBCode.

    • This will shed some light on your avatar path problem.

    • This will be resolved once you provide the path to your files. In your case: /public_html/ssc/uploads/

    Once you enable the 2 plugins and do the export with the avatarpath variable set, all your problems should be resolved.

  • sscadminsscadmin New
    edited August 2016

    Just for clarification I set Field => /public_html/ssc/uploads/profile in vanilla2export.php? But where do I set the file path for the attachments because I am never prompted?

    $supported['ipb'] = array('name' => 'IP.Board 3', 'prefix' => 'ipb_'); // IPB $supported['ipb']['CommandLine'] = array( 'avatarpath' => array('Full path of source avatars to process.', 'Sx' => ':', 'Field' => 'avatarpath'), 'source' => array( 'Source user table: profile_portal (default) or member_extra.', 'Sx' => ':', 'Field' => 'sourcetable' ),

  • sscadminsscadmin New
    edited August 2016

    Ok. Think I figured out the URL issue with avatar and files:


    Is this correct?

    I run the exporter again and I notice that the exporter doesn't create a folder for the avatars/files? I have it at the root of my IPB website where that folder has 777 permissions temporarily. Am I supposed to just copy the uploads folder I have directly to the vanilla forums 'uploads' directory?

    The output for the avatars looks something like this:
    - processed 100 - processed 200 - processed 300 - processed 400 - processed 500 - processed 600 - processed 700 - processed 800 - processed 900 - processed 1300 - processed 1400 - processed 1500 - processed 1600 - processed 1700 - processed 1800 - processed 1900 - processed 2000 - processed 2100 223 errors: Missing file: uploads/profile/photo-3947.jpg?oh=2270ccb322ae4f6e7d7e77c41b42db7f&oe=54c32598&__gda__=1421675535_c1cf124d0a2c65c05d6cbe47fbf2c3b8 .......... Completed: 1922 Skipped: 4

    So it looks it processed around 1900+ avatars and listed the unreachable avatars in the log output. I didn't see any log output for the attachments? In my IPB setup the avatars are in uploads/profile, and the attachments and file uploads are in uploads/ (but in folders by months ie: monthly_01_2016). I can post a screenshot if needed.

  • Seeing the following error when trying to enable the IPBFormatter plugin I get the following error 'The plugin folder was not properly defined.'

    I created a folder in the plugins directory called 'IPBFormatter' and inside that folder is three files: class.bbcoderelaxed.php, class.ipbformatter.plugin.php and

    I am using the latest ones from the repository here:

    Anyone know how to fix this error?

  • RiverRiver MVP
    edited September 2016

    @sscadmin said:
    Seeing the following error when trying to enable the IPBFormatter plugin I get the following error 'The plugin folder was not properly defined.'

    I created a folder in the plugins directory called 'IPBFormatter' and inside that folder is three files: class.bbcoderelaxed.php, class.ipbformatter.plugin.php and

    I am using the latest ones from the repository here:

    Anyone know how to fix this error?

    if you are using php 5.5, or 5.6 then download the addons as a zip and reinstall the plugin, it should enable without error, if you are installing properly.

    Pragmatism is all I have to offer. Avoiding the sidelines and providing centerline pro-tips.

  • I have another question for everyone.

    When I am running Vanilla2Export.php and I am trying to get avatars (because they are stored in files in my IPB install) that the script can never find them?

    Ex errors:
    2231 errors: Missing file: ipb/profile/photo-1.jpg Missing file: ipb/profile/photo-8.jpg Missing file: ipb/profile/photo-11.jpg

    My command looks like this: (I am running vanilla2export from the /ssc/uploads directory)

    The avatars sit in the '/ssc/uploads/ipb/profile' directory. I verified that those files do exist in that directory that the script is showing errors on. So there is a a valid avatar here '/ssc/uploads/ipb/profile/photo-1.jpg'

    Any help is appreciated, thanks.

  • LincLinc Detroit Admin

    The avatarpath param wants a full path, not a partial one.

  • Thanks Linc.

  • I have run into an issue with this migration.

    I have imported all of the IPB info from the export file and that seems fine. But my Admin user which was the user on the IPB forum as well is the only user I have been able to get to login. I am using jsconnect because I do want to use wordpress.

    What should I do here because none of the users can currently login using their old username and passwords. Should I disable jsconnect and see if they can login just to the forums with old usernames and passwords and see how that goes. Or is there a way I can force it with running a database update to maybe reset everyones password?


  • whu606whu606 I'm not a SuperHero; I just like wearing tights... MVP


    It might be worth checking permissions via

    Dashboard - Users - Roles and Permissions

  • LincLinc Detroit Admin

    Yes, lacking the SignIn permission would do exactly that and is the most likely issue.

    You can also enable AutoConnect to force matching to existing accounts by email address so it's less likely they'd be prompted for their password.

    If you still have login issues after checking the SignIn permission, I'd start to wonder if IPB changed its password hashing. That's a whole can of worms to get into tho; you might have better luck in the short term by doing a mass password reset. Otherwise you'd want to make sure you have a known user password (besides the admin) in the migration so you can test whether it works at all on the other side.

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