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Introducing "Live Stream Page" Plugin for Your Twitch Channel

This discussion is related to the Live Stream Page addon.
ShadowdareShadowdare π Moderator
edited September 2016 in Feedback

I've just released the Live Stream Page plugin.

If your website has an official Twitch live stream and you want to display it on your Vanilla Forums, this is the plugin for you.

This plugin adds a simple page with a Twitch video embed and chat embed along with a link to it in the main menu. You can show a live status indicator next to the menu link, too. The displayed channel can be configured in the settings.

Currently, the width and height of the embeds are fixed for the default theme and can be changed via your theme's custom CSS file. I couldn't implement a responsive video embed that works at all widths with the chat embed being on the right side of the video embed. If you have a solution for this, please submit a pull request to the GitHub repository.

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