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Threads not working.

Hi I recently started using the open-source (free) version of Vanilla and the threads seem to not work. Every time you post a discussion or try to look at a discussion by clicking on it in the category an error comes up. I'll attach a screenshot of what it redirects to. Also if it helps you can see the forum by going to


  • whu606whu606 I'm not a SuperHero; I just like wearing tights... MVP

    Welcome to the community.

    Please see here:

    Once you have identified the full error message, let us know on here if you don't understand it.

  • Fatal Error in PHP.trigger_error();

    Unknown column 'Notified' in 'field list'
    The error occurred on or near: /home/u995701309/public_html/forums/library/database/class.database.php
    418: $this->closeConnection();
    419: continue;
    420: }
    422: trigger_error($message, E_USER_ERROR);
    423: }
    425: }
    [/home/u995701309/public_html/forums/library/database/class.database.php:422] PHP::trigger_error();
    [/home/u995701309/public_html/forums/plugins/Debugger/class.databasedebug.php:132] Gdn_Database->query();
    [/home/u995701309/public_html/forums/library/database/class.sqldriver.php:1663] Gdn_DatabaseDebug->query();
    [/home/u995701309/public_html/forums/library/database/class.sqldriver.php:1618] Gdn_SQLDriver->query();
    [/home/u995701309/public_html/forums/plugins/BetterNotifications/class.betternotifications.plugin.php:118] Gdn_SQLDriver->put();
    [/home/u995701309/public_html/forums/plugins/BetterNotifications/class.betternotifications.plugin.php:41] BetterNotifications->SetNotified();
    [/home/u995701309/public_html/forums/library/core/class.pluginmanager.php:867] BetterNotifications->DiscussionController_Render_Before();
    [/home/u995701309/public_html/forums/library/core/class.pluginmanager.php:775] Gdn_PluginManager->callEventHandler();
    [/home/u995701309/public_html/forums/library/core/class.pluggable.php:185] Gdn_PluginManager->callEventHandlers();
    [/home/u995701309/public_html/forums/applications/vanilla/controllers/class.discussioncontroller.php:263] Gdn_Pluggable->__call();
    [/home/u995701309/public_html/forums/applications/vanilla/controllers/class.discussioncontroller.php:263] DiscussionController->render();
    [/home/u995701309/public_html/forums/applications/vanilla/controllers/class.discussioncontroller.php:263] DiscussionController->index();
    [/home/u995701309/public_html/forums/library/core/class.dispatcher.php:329] PHP::call_user_func_array();
    [/home/u995701309/public_html/forums/index.php:44] Gdn_Dispatcher->dispatch();
    select *
    from GDN_User User
    where UserID = '4'; 0.000000s
    select d.*, w.DateLastViewed as DateLastViewed, w.Dismissed as Dismissed, w.Bookmarked as Bookmarked, w.CountComments as CountCommentWatch, w.Participated as Participated, d.DateLastComment as LastDate, d.LastCommentUserID as LastUserID
    from GDN_Discussion d
    left join GDN_UserDiscussion w on d.DiscussionID = w.DiscussionID and w.UserID = 4
    where d.DiscussionID = '11'; 0.000000s
    select c.*
    from GDN_Category c
    order by c.TreeLeft asc; 0.000000s
    select *
    from GDN_Discussion Discussion
    where DiscussionID in ('11'); 0.000000s
    select *
    from GDN_UserCategory UserCategory
    where UserID = '4'; 0.000000s
    select c.*
    from GDN_Comment c
    join (select CommentID
    from GDN_Comment c
    where c.DiscussionID = 11
    order by c.DateInserted asc
    limit 30) c2 on c.CommentID = c2.CommentID; 0.000000s
    select d.*, coalesce(d.Name, di.Name) as Name
    from GDN_Draft d
    left join GDN_Discussion di on d.discussionID = di.DiscussionID
    where d.InsertUserID = '4'
    and d.DiscussionID = '11'
    order by d.DateInserted desc
    limit 1; 0.000000s
    Variables in local scope:
    [Sql] 'update GDN_UserDiscussion UserDiscussion
    set Notified = :Notified
    where DiscussionID = :DiscussionID
    and UserID = :UserID'
    [InputParameters] array (
    ':Notified' => '0',
    ':DiscussionID' => '11',
    ':UserID' => '4',
    [Options] array (
    'Type' => 'update',
    'Slave' => NULL,
    'ReturnType' => NULL,
    [ReturnType] NULL
    [tries] 2
    [try] 0
    [PDO] array (
    [PDOStatement] false
    [ex] array (
    [message] 'Unknown column \'Notified\' in \'field list\''
    [code] 1054
    [state] '42S22'
    Need Help?
    If you are a user of this website, you can report this message to a website administrator.
    If you are an administrator of this website, you can get help at the Vanilla Community Forums.
    Additional information for support personnel:
    Application: Vanilla
    Application Version: 2.2.1
    PHP Version: 5.5.35
    Operating System: Linux
    Server Software: Apache
    User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_10_5) AppleWebKit/602.2.14 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/10.0.1 Safari/602.2.14
    Request Uri: /forums/index.php?p=/discussion/11/test
    Controller: PHP
    Method: trigger_error

  • hgtonighthgtonight ∞ · New Moderator

    Looks like your DB is missing a column. Run to scan for changes/inconsistencies.

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