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Update for critical security issue in PHPMailer included in release Vanilla 2.3.1

InputFormatter not working


Problem: Comment input is not being formatted correctly (both in the preview and in the post).

I'm running Vanilla 2.2 on my local host, which is a clone of a live instillation. Somehow an error crept in on the local version and the comment input is not being formatted correctly.

I've tried:
* BBCode, markdown, WYSIWYG and HTML render the tags and the text.
* With Advanced Editor disabled the problem persists.
* Switched off all plugins except Advanced Editor and no luck.
* Tested with a different theme and still had the same issue.
* Checked that config includes $Configuration['Garden']['InputFormatter'] = 'Markdown';

Any ideas where the problem might be? Or could there be a conflict somewhere that's causing this issue?


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