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Update for critical security issue in PHPMailer included in release Vanilla 2.3.1

YAGA 1.1 Badge detail URL in modules/badges.php

Probably one for @hgtonight - i've checked the issues in Github and can't see anything for this, and also not sure if it's actually a bug so thought i'd ask here first...

Basically, just upgraded to YAGA 1.1 (on Vanilla 2.3) and now when I click on one of my badges from my profile page, they point to the URL /yaga/badges/1/complete-profile which doesn't work as expected and instead shows the full list of available badges.

I noticed however that the badges on the activity lists point to the URL /yaga/badges/**detail**/1/complete-profile which work as expected.

Any ideas? Is this a bug? I have checked modules/badges.php and the code is yaga/badges/' . $Badge['BadgeID'] . '/' . Gdn_Format::Url($Badge['Name']) - so i'm suspecting it's been missed and therefore a bug?

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