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Yaga 1.1 - Use of `url` function in BadgeAwardModel::Award is resulting in incorrect URLs

Hi all, I just upgraded my version of Yaga to 1.1, and noticed that some badge image paths were broken in activities & notifications.

Digging deeper, I noticed that in BadgeAwardModel::Award the badge image path set for the activity was changed from $Badge->Photo to Url($Badge->Photo, TRUE).

As I issue some badges outside of the Vanilla directory, I think that Url($Badge->Photo, TRUE) is messing up the image paths. If I change it to Url($Badge->Photo, FALSE) it works fine though.

However, I don't really want to be editing core files - is there another way?


  • R_JR_J Cheerleader & Troubleshooter Munich Moderator

    The most obvious way would be to put your badges into your Vanilla folder but if that would be a possibility, I guess you would already done so.

    Maybe you could create a symlink in your Vanilla folder?

    Another solution would be to create a rewrite rule and add that in your .htaccess file.
    The .htaccess file is an exception. Although it is a core file, sometimes it cannot be avoided that you have to change it. That's why you should always backup that file when you update.

  • Hi @R_J - the badges are already in the Vanilla folder e.g. /community/imgs/badges/1.jpg - I may have confused matters - when I say " I issue some badges outside of the Vanilla directory" I mean they are issued outside of the Vanilla application (from within the main website code), and so the request URL doesn't contain /community. The url function returns the absolute URL path to the image, and if the current request is not inside the Vanilla directory it returns rather than

    Contrary to what I said above Url($Badge->Photo, FALSE) doesn't actually work - it messes badges up which are issued within the Vanilla application i.e. it returns /community/imgs/badges/1.jpg which then gets rendered as /community/community/imgs/badges/1.jpg...!

    It would have been better to not use the url function at all, as in the previous version.

    .htaccess is a good suggestion. I can create a rule to detect imgs/badges/... and rewrite to /community/imgs/badges/... - thanks ;)

  • R_JR_J Cheerleader & Troubleshooter Munich Moderator

    Not sure, but maybe the function smartAsset() would work. Would you mind to try that out and if it works with smartAsset, give feedback to hgtonight?

  • Hi @R_J and @hgtonight - tested both smartAsset($path, TRUE) and smartAsset($path, FALSE) and it seemed to do exactly the same as url($path, TRUE) and url($path, FALSE) respectively.

    I have used @R_J 's suggestion of .htaccess rules to redirect any broken links appropriately - thanks!

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