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Cronusmax plus script Help plz
(link to image ^^^^)


if(get_val (XB1_A)){
combo_run (Turbo_1);
combo_stop (Turbo_1);


combo Turbo_1 {
set_val(XB1_DOWN, 100);
wait (40)
call Turbo_3

combo Turbo_2 {
set_val(XB1_LEFT, 100);

combo Turbo_3 {
set_val(XB1_A, 100);


//This is the code that i am trying to use but i keep getting this error

//------ GPC: Build started ------
4: Visual To GPC*
ERROR: Syntax error, unexpected COMBO ('combo') on line 17 column 0

So for whoever knows how to code this correctly i'de love to know how.
I want the XB1_A to start the combos and XB1_B to stop them. But i get that error anyone care to help a guy out


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